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  1. Hi osx86 team ! I would definitely amazed to win this giveway !! Greatings from France
  2. Version 1.0


    Patch type : Audio HDMI Computer : Intel NUC DC3217BY (D33217CK motherboard) - Bios rev. 42 ONLY (actual latest*, download and install update from Intel site first) Package content : -DSDT.aml file (copy to /Extra and use Chameleon Wizard to use it at startup via DSDT option) -Binary patched AppleIntelFramebufferCapri.kext (install using Kext Wizard, and then rebuild permissions and kext cache) Once both of these files are properly installed, you should have HDMI audio working ! Brought to you by EmphasiS Credits : TOLEDA (DSDT patching method) / a Japanese person whom I don't know the name for the binaries to modify / EmphasiS (DSDT patching and kext binary edition) * Newer bios to come (rev. 46), I will add the new DSDT soon.
  3. Version 1.0


    Here comes a DSDT + Extra + S/L/E Kexts pack for the ASUS P5B-Plus Vista Edition, working under OSX Lion. Known bugs : Sleep not working. Working : -sound -ethernet -usb -main thermal sensors Happy hackintoshing !
  4. EmphasiS

    DSDT for P5B-Plus

    Hi, what other moifications have you made ? Tx for posting
  5. Works perfectly, on first try. What I did : -Prepare a destination partition on my internal drive for Lion OS -Mount Lion install DMG + mount "BaseSystem.dmg", which you can find inside Lion install DMG -Mount & format my install USB drive -Left click+ "get info" on my usb Drive, then uncheck "Ignore ownership on this volume" at the bottom of the window -Launch X-Flash -Drag&Drop USB install flash drive icon into x-flash window when it is opened. -Let it do its work -Copy/paste dsdt.aml, check boot.plist, and check that all kexts in x-flash had been properly copied in Extra on USB drive. Reboot, boot on usb install drive volume, install & enjoy. Once again, worked perfect on first try Mobo : P5B-plus (P965), C2duo E6550, HD4870 (worked out of the box with GraphicsEnabler in boot.plist)
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