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  1. After installing the last Combo Update you must install before the reboot the Legacy kernel you'll easily find somewhere on the net (Google's your friend again).
  2. Ciao Nikten,

    le impostazioni di installazione le trovi in basso a sinistra della schermata, in una certa fase dell'installazione del sistema operativo. Da lì trovi una serie di opzioni di driver aggiuntivi che puoi selezionare oppure togliere, tra cui la cartella Custom. Fammi sapere se ce l'hai fatta ;)

  3. Ciao Nikten,

    le impostazioni di installazione le trovi in basso a sinistra della schermata, in una certa fase dell'installazione del sistema operativo. Da lì trovi una serie di opzioni di driver aggiuntivi che puoi selezionare oppure togliere, tra cui la cartella Custom. Fammi sapere se ce l'hai fatta ;)

  4. @iPro: Did you install OS on HDD? ModUSB should install by itself the bootloader you need to boot up!
  5. Hi kikirito, can you normally access OS with USB Drive? If the only trouble is that your netbook needs the OSX install USB drive to be within the port, i'd try to run the "Repair Permission" task from OSX86Tools and then try to restart without USB Drive. Let us know any result!
  6. Are you sure? Did you understand this? I do can watch videos, and fluently too, but from Opera browser only. P.S: Isn't D257 Video Memory 8 MB too?
  7. Oh, I'm sorry... But if you're so experienced probably you will be able to solve any kind of issue So let's cross fingers and be patient. I'm looking forward to more news. Just like here I can perfectly watch videos on Youtube from Opera browser. This means it should be possible to normally use flash player also on other browsers but... how?
  8. Wait, wait! I'm seventeen and just like young people I get excited too much easily... Now I realized I'm not able to watch videos on Youtube, I still have troubles with flash. Maybe it is the only problem, but maybe not... I don't really know. If you anyway want to buy your D257 we could try to help one each other in solving problems and any kind of bugs (and I'd really appreciate it) but you must know it still isn't perfectly working at all: I think I had to tell it to you. That's all. Let me know if you will get your new netbook anyway Sorry
  9. I finally did it! I successfully installed on my Acer Aspire One D257 netbook Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.3 using Retail DVD! Graphics works well. Network works well. Sound works well. Trackpad and keybord work well (no multitouch). It takes about 40 secs to power up and less than 3 secs to shut down, but sleep utility still doesn't work. Webcam doesn't work but I do not hardly need it, so I'm not hitting my head to fix this. How did I exactly do? I used: Mac OS X Snow Leopard DVD A 8 GB (or more) USB Drive A useful folder I prepared (Acer Aspire One D257 HackPack - Downloads - OSx86.net) containing:OSX ModUSB Kext Wizard Kexts to fix Audio and Network issues So, first thing I own a Snow Leopard Installation DVD, v10.6.3. If you do not have one buy it or somehow get it or a dmg image of it. Format the USB Drive using MBR partition map (Mac OS X Extended, Journaled). Restore on the USB Drive the DVD with Disk Utility. From "Before installation" folder run OSX ModUSB, select your USB Drive as destination and install. Put the USB Drive in your netbook and press the power button: you sould get a screen in which you can choose what drive to boot from. Select the Mac OS X Install DVD. Now if all went fine the Mac OS installation screen should appear: choose language for installation; in Disk Utility format a partition using GUID partition map (Mac OS X Extended, Journaled) with at least 40 GB; choose that partition for the installation and before clicking Install choose Customize (on the left-bottom side) and select the whole folder Custom, then enter it and in Audio select only VoodooHDA. Then Install: it will take some time. Meanwhile copy on another USB Drive (also an old 512 one, you need just 40 MB) the "After installation" folder. When the installation will be finished (move sometimes the mouse to refresh the installation screen) you will restart the netbook (you can already pick out the installer USB Drive), filling fields of guided first boot. Be prepared, it can make a stressing noisy sound for this whole time. Do not worry about it. When you finish you can turn off volume from system and fix the problem apart. Insert the second USB Drive and copy onto the desktop the "After installation" folder. I don't know why, I couldn't correctly run both kexts using the same kextloader. Run Kext Wizard and load from it the IO80211Family.kext found in the "Kexts" folder; now run OSXtools, click Install Kexts and select the other one, VoodooHDA.kext, then install it. Restart when the restart window appears. Done. The thanks go to "OSX86 ModCD/USB" and "Kext Wizard" developers. I hope to have been useful to you.
  10. Version 1.0


    Package helping Snow Leopard installation on Acer Aspire One D257 netbook. Contains guide. I am not responsable of the HackPack content and the thanks go to "OSX86 ModCD/USB", .kext files and "Kext Wizard" app developers. If you try it with different editions of Mac OS X please comment and tell if works!
  11. I just tried using myHack but, at the boot, choosing in BIOS or Chameleon view myHack volume I get a black screen and it automatically restarts :confused:
  12. Sorry, just a typing mistake! It should be: Anyway I wonder if I should get an USB CD/DVD reader or if it's the same of restoring images (in this case iB{censored}) with Disk Utility... do you know? Clear now? Of course I'll try myHack, it sounds good. I never read about it! Of course I'd prefer the original OS from retail DVD, if works! Thanks
  13. Hi iPro, I already tried iB{censored} but it didn't start at all, just as if the USB was empty. But I supposed it could be because there was another bootloader already installed (Chameleon 2.1) and never tried to format HDD to retry then. When I'll have some time I could do that, crossing fingers and hoping it'll work. Anyway I wonder if I should get an USB CD/DVD reader or if it's the same of restoring images (in thi with Disk Utility... do you know? I'll keep you updated. @Tradesman: Welcome here! I cannot help you more than I do now, but as soon as I will succeed in my venture you should find here exactly how...
  14. Thank you, wzzzz I've just succeeded in installing iAtkos v7, I misunderstood a step of the many guides I followed (this one). It seems it works quite good now, but I can't choose a screen resolution different by 800x600 and have no network connection. In the bootloader I read for "Memory" some modes, and the highest is on Mode 115: "800x600x32". Maybe -I think- because of the missing kext for GMA3150. Audio is perfect since the first boot. Do you recommend me iDeneb installation? Thanks
  15. First of all, sorry for my english: it's what I learnt between school and the internet. I'm new in this fascinating wourldo of Hackintosh. I have a Mac but I'd really like to get a Hackintosh from my new netbook now. My knowledge in this field is sooo little that I'm asking you help now. My specs: Acer Aspire One D257 CPU: DualCore Intel Atom, 1666 MHz Motherboard name: Acer AOD257 Motherboard chipset: Intel Tiger Point NM10, Intel Pineview-M Graphics: Intel? Graphics Media Accelerator 3150 (256 MB) Memory: 1 GB DDR3 It has no CD/DVD reader. Well, I tried installing iAtkos v7 using an USB Drive and Chameleon 2 as bootloader: installation went well but, when I rebooted it, appeared "You need to restart your computer. Hold down (...)". Not good. So I installed in the same way iDeneb, getting almost the same effect. I tried then by restoring on the USB Drive my Snow Leopard Installation DVD, and patched it with osx86tools. This time it seemed that my PC do not minimally recognise it. I also followed {censored}X advices but my opinion is that they consider USB installation for Lion only: when they asked me to download the DSDT specific for my motherboard I didn't find its name in the list. The two last trial I made were using in the same way of v7 (USB Drive + Chameleon 2) iAtkos L1 and L2 then. The first look was great: the resolution just like an original Mac on the grey screen with te apple. Yes, but... it freezed there. Neither a circle (or how you call that rolling shape that usually appears under the apple) started to load the installer. Is there someone who can help me? I read almost everywhere but it looks like if no one who owns this netbook wants to make it run Mac OS X! Please!
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