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  1. I strongly believe that your wiff is supported.I remember that system profiler saw couple of time within my experiments,another card tha rt73.My card is for sure rt73(it is written on the card),and can work with another drivers than ralinks.Broadcom and Azurewave drivers.keep on trying kekts,till find one,or maybe you just do something wrong? did you configure the locations in System prefernce-Network?Are you sure that your wifi is On?if the button is lighted,and your bluethoot is active ,than is not mandatory for wifi to be ON,and light is for bluetooth only.so dont give up with about wifi. I am glad that i could help,and if you have questions in future than i ll be glad to help. Next week i start "experiments" with Lion,so be my guest ;-)
  2. No ideea about freeze.For me it was enough to type just once at the begining the flags- arc..graph..and so on. i used EFI studio also. i remember that when i opened efi tools,all the flags were wiiten there,only thing that i had to add was "1280x800x32".after that i just let the system to boot without typing flags,and everything ok. try to download EFI studio from another place,or try to modify the plist itself.maybe there is something wrong with permissions,this is the only thing that come to my mind.Or maybe you just need advices from somebody more experienced than me. just try this one.(not sure if help.) type flags that you need :arch,graph.....in the end type -s the system starts boot ,...than will stop,and will look like this: :/ root# you will have to type next things: /sbin/fsck -fy than ppress enter system will go on a little ,than will wait you to type : /sbin/mount -uw / than press enter and after a little will wait for you to type: exit system will go on till you will see your desktop.than open disk utillity,and repair permissions. than take a look at EFI studio if your flags are written there. Whatever is or you do with Efi studio, than restart and let the system to boot itself,without typing something.
  3. Wirless: First of all check if your wirless card is ON or OFF.above keyboard ,in the left side there are 2 buttons:camera and wifi.wifi button must have light on,if not means that your card is OFF.If so,than restart computer,wait to dissaper Bios menu,than push the button.if light on than ok.than you need only to install kext.everything tha you need is on this forum. you can try this: http://www.osx86.net/view/1440-rt73_usb_wireless.html or this: http://www.osx86.net/view/2014-ralink_usb_wirless.html If not working check your wificard.I have a ralink rt73,but no ideea if Benq might used difrent wifi cards ,selling in diferent countries.Mine is Czech Republic. TracKpad -Mouse. Yes,the mouse-trackpad is really mad. I tried a couple of kekts Ps2,some fixes also,but I have to say that i didnt find something to make my trackpad "normal". I got trackpad working with gestures,2 and 3 fingers,but even so ,sometimes i felt like throwing notebook over the window. If you want to try some, go on,you can find in download section what you need. My advice is to use an ordinary usb mouse.At least to have an usb mouse close to you.
  4. the only thing that i ve ever installed is iatkos.I ve experimented on 3 notebooks(everyone works),now i am going for 4th,which is a sony vaio cww1s1e.I understand that an installation from retail disk is better,than iatkos ,cause is a "clean"one,but i cant help you with advices for "retail disk",cause I am not familiar with this option. You say that didnt work,maybe because joybbok needs a custom kernel,in this case use iatkos. If you dont have something against iatkos,than install it,it is 100% that is working on your joybook,plus,using what i ve already written,than you can have a system 10.6.3. fully working in less than 2 hours.
  5. Dont know if this help,the only thing that I ve ever installed is iatkos s2v3,installed both on notebook and desktop and on both i met this error. on notebook i used an external USB Dvd.when i got the Ebios error i just changed the usb port and everything ok. on desktop with same error with internal dvd,i unplugged than plugged dvd from mother board than everything ok.
  6. Hi there,glad to help. I suppose that you managed to boot in to system,and probably something is not working.if so than start a new installation and choose next things at customization: AsereBLN v1.1.9 32-bit boot Graphics Enabler UsbBusFix Ehciacquire Uhcireset /extra directory fake smc RTC qoopz 10.3.0. EVO reboot Intel sata/IDE Voodo HDA Apple PS2 Voodo Pstate Battery Cardreader ACPI thermal NVEnabler wireless-Ralink wired-Marvel yukon I am writing this from memory ,so possible to miss something.I would say rather that I have added something in the list ,than missed something,anyway ,with this configuration you should be able to boot in your new snow leo. After instalation boot using next flags: arch=i386 GraphicsEnabler=Yes "Graphics Mode"="1280x800x32" -f -v if something wrong than try -v -x instead of -f -v than we have 2 possibilities: 1.at this point it should be working everything.if so ,than download Osx tools,you can find it in downloads sections,and enable the "quartz" graphic.reboot and you will see the diffrence in graphics.after that osx tools will not work anymore,dont know why ,but doesnt matter,you dont need it anymore.download also Boot plist editor,and check if your plist has the flags that we used to boot.if not you need to modify your plist.your plist should have :arch=i386; Boot graphics=yes; graphic mode 1280x800x32(you can choose 1920x1080x32,in case that you will use your TV as monitor,anyway it will boot only 1280x800 on your notebook and 1920x1080 if connected at TV); -v 2.At this point everything works except the graphics ,which is only 1024x768.If so ,download Boot plist editor,and follow the steps before.after bootlist ,than osx86 tools,and enable quartz. the only "problem" it was to enable full graphics,all other hardwere has kekts that you can find on this forum.(for example you need for wireless kext for Rt73) I also experimented diffrent kexts for touchpad,cause that one that you get after instalatin is a "mad" one who drove me mad. Bluetooth is a tricky thing. when you start your notebook,after a couple of seconds,you will have the option to choose the BIOS.Dont do nothing.Right after this option dissaper, push the Buttons for turning on the bluetooth.Fn+F4. than you will see the apple logo,system will boot,and you will have bluetooth.it is the only moment when you can turn on the bluetooth.there are only couple of seconds,but after few trys you will know exactly when to push Fn+F4. Let me know what is not working at your joybook,and I am sure that i can help.
  7. this thing happend to me also.the disk was and is ok,since i still manage to install the system using it. I dont remember exactly what was the cause ,but you should use AsereBLN v1.1.9. instead of Chameleon RC4. Than try the following: 1.at disk partition in disk utillity ,when you make 2 disks x 40 Gb ,dont forget to make them GUID partition ,or at least that one where you install snow leo. 2.choose a modified kernel-qoopz 10.3.0. 3.you turn AHCI in your BIOS settings, but at customization choose Intel Sata/IDE First try only number 1.if not working than 1 and 2 togheter.if not working than all 3 togheter.
  8. thank you.works on GMA 945(27ae),asus eee 900 ha.didnt measure some benchmark,cause there is no point to.graphics now working better than before on windows xp.i suppose is maximum that can give.my thoughts about buyin a real mac dissapeard:)thanks again.
  9. I am just adding at the post before:. asus eee 900HA,iatkos s2v3,installs 10.6.3.,than update to 10.6.6.works on both versions. when customize,at installation of iatkos ,choose only EFI enabler ,nothing else.(from graphics options)
  10. thank you man!!this is really cool.on asus eee 900ha works incredibly damn well.i followed your instructions,than i added the kext from this post: http://www.osx86.net/view/1471-applegraphicspowerman.html the graphic is incredible.looks better , and acts better than it used to be on windows xp!! maximum resolution that offers is 1024x600 ,60 and 65 Hz.dont need higher anyway on this little netbook.i didnt measure yet some benchmark or something,but as i said ,looks fantastic.has that "transparency" thing,and plays the videos with vlc better than used to play on windows xp.(i've already said that...),and also i activated that quartz thing with osx tools. one more time,thank you!!
  11. this exotic notebook installs and run 10.6.3. very easy.I am pretty noob in "hackintosh" things,even so I managed to run 10.6.3. I post here a link where you can meet this notebook.It s in a "strange" language for you ,but what is important-specifications,can understand everybody. the notebook is a piece of garbage,but his price was incredible low,for what was offering. http://http://notebook.cz/clanky/recenze-notebook/2008/benq-joybook-r56 Notebook had installed windows 7, 3 disks partition. I used iatkos s2v3, which i managed to install at first try.but also i managed to make it not bootable very quick ,after using some tools ,trying to obtain 1280x800x32. after couple of days when i started to understand something from all those "things" like Kekts,strings,and so on,I said to myself that i can start a fresh instalation,without windows. so. iatkos s2v3 which is snow leopard 10.6.3. what is working:wifi,lan,bluetooth,trackpad,keyboard,sound,all usb,card reader,graphics at 1024x768. actually, i managed to obtain 1280x800, and i installed that quartz thing.nice display i had....but dont ask me how, i just made it once,and no more.i am working on that... also camera is not working.but the system"sees " the camera ,so i think ,it will work,which means that everything works on this notebook.(i think so.) couple of times i got also kernel panic,when i installed too much drivers.(almost all drivers that are on iatkos disk.) in my last instalation,i have installed just a couple of things from iatkos,thats the secret ,i think ,that make almost everything work. if somebody needs details i can provide ,but as i said,i am kind of noob in computers,so be kind.
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