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  1. cwabhunter

    High Sierra MBR fix

    That's what I have but I don't understand what to do with it. The old method was just a case of replacing two files on the installer. I don't know where to start with this new method. Mike
  2. cwabhunter

    High Sierra MBR fix

    I'm not sure I understand what the image is for. Is it an image to run in a virtual machine or is it an image of an installer. If it's an image of an installer, is it already patched for MBR? Mike
  3. cwabhunter

    High Sierra MBR fix

    Hi, due to the limitations of my bios and the fact I want to multiboot several operating systems on my netbook which only has one hard drive, I have to have an MBR partition setup. In the past it's been an easy job to install OSX by patching the installer. With High Sierra it's changed and I just don't understand the instructions. I'm confused as to whether the USB installer or the main hard drive needs two partitions. Mike
  4. cwabhunter

    Possible Clover issue

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is a Clover issue or not. I'm running Sierra on an Acer V5-171 and multiple booting Sierra, 10, XP, Ubuntu, Solus and Android on an MBR partitioned hard drive. My problem is one of my apps wont accept the serial number I have in Sierra. If I run Sierra in a virtual machine using Fusion on that same Sierra then the app will accept the serial. I have also tried it on a real mac and again the app will accept the serial. I have also tried it on another hard drive with just Sierra and this one using GUID, again it fails to accept the serial. Any ideas? Mike
  5. I'm getting a kp when booting off the usb installer. It's a problem with acpi just like in the non english post. I have tried using acpi=off I have tried putting my Extra folder from Lion on the usb I have tried deleting smbios.plist and reinstalling Chameleon ( the ML one) Any ideas? Mike

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