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  1. HP Elitebook 8470w with AMD FirePro M2000

    Hi there, We here to help. but first you have mention your hardware.Without it we cant do anything.Most of the problems you mentioned can be fixed,So dont worry. Also post Darwin dumper reports good hack
  2. Dual booting is kinda easy.if you installing in different hard drive then dont have to do much.Clover/other boot loader can detect auto all the OS drives.But for same HDD and Laptop, its bit tricky.Here i posted some useful configs, use then at will. Method 1: This is much better option but its writes on you bios . Enter the BIOS, look for boot option and add /EFI/Clover/Cloverx64.efi ,make it as top priority of the boot sequence. Method 2: Use an USB to boot into OS X, do the settings below, Use Clover Configurator to mount the EFI partition (Mount EFI> ) Rename bootmgfw.efi in /EFI/Microsoft/Boot to bootmgfwA.efi Copy Cloverx64.efi in /EFI/Clover to /EFI/Microsoft/Boot and rename it bootmgfw.efi Method 3: Recommended option Open EFI and then navigate to /EFI/Microsoft/Boot/ and rename bootmgfw.efi to bootmgfwA.efi. Open Clover Configurator > Select your config > GUI Now fill the settings below Under “Custom Entries” click on the “+” then Double click on the “New custom entry” Volume: Give a name (Windows) Path: \EFI\Microsoft\Boot\bootmgfwA.efi Title (tick it): and change “New Custom Entry” to Windows or anything u like Hidden: No Type: Windows Volume type: Internal If you want to Hidden recovery partition then Click again on “+”: Title(tick it): Recovery HD (OS X) Hidden: Yes Type: OSXRecovery If you have Linux then You rename /EFI/Linux distro/grubx64.efi to grubx64U.efi and add in Custom Entries: Path: \EFI\linux distro\grubx64U.efi Title (tick it): Grub (your Linux distro’s name) Hidden: No Type: Linux Enjoy dual boot.
  3. Intel CS325 - Boots and Usable!

  4. Intel CS325 - Boots and Usable!

    i checked your HW and you dont have to copy paste whole thing man .. as i mention before get to know HW not to post whole system dump. anyway looks like you have cpu PM issue .Whats the current status of you system ? did you install fresh ? post your config.plist and darwin dumper reports good hack
  5. Intel CS325 - Boots and Usable!

    Whats this installer? is it distro Make a clean vanilla installer with clover then install and get to know your hardware properly.
  6. Intel CS325 - Boots and Usable!

    Nop It should be like this... CPU model motherboard +chipset GPU AUDIO card
  7. Screen Flickering Intel GM45

    Hi, GMA45 was supported in 32 bit os long time ago on 10.6 last that i know of. Is it a laptop or desktop.For desktop you can go for cheap GPU cards like gt210,240 or amd 5450 etc. For laptop its more like a dead end.It not going to work.mean its not possible to load kext for this gpu any more, as a result you cant have QE/CI for better you can go for VMware for osx
  8. Family guy series kek fun

    Post family guy fun clips
  9. Intel CS325 - Boots and Usable!

    Hi, post your full HW info and what install method you are using.its better to make a clean installer then install. You never mention whats not stable.Give us more in site about your problems. good hack
  10. Acer Travelmate 5760G & Arial

    Reinstall web browsers and chnage front setting manually.OS has nothing to do with this.but sometimes QE/CI causes this.So you might need to check you graphics settings.
  11. startup, freeze, repeat

    Hi, Can you post darwin dumper reports.Its seems to me os issue .try rebuild cache and permissions.Also update your lan kext. good hack
  12. Acer Travelmate 5760G & Arial

    Hi We are talking about two different system here but that's not the issue.You are having issues with web browsers or in writting apps in general ? if browser then try to change the display settings.As for other goes every app has its own settings so please check then out. i personally never have this issue but ill look into it. good hack
  13. Audio don't work

    I thinks its just kext injection issue.lot of ppl having success using 662 but 668 has its own kexts https://github.com/insanelydeepak/Patched-AppleHDA-for-Mac-OS-Sierra-10.12 Check you injection setting and dont try all the patches from native to ALC 1150.Sometimes its breaks the system.And for voodooHDA try the latest ver,install and update you cache. https://sourceforge.net/projects/voodoohda/files/?source=navbar
  14. Audio don't work

    Hi, This is not your audio card.please post your proper audio card. 10.13 is new os so older AppleHDA might not work properly. try voodooHDA for now if new patch available then try applehda Which patch you are using ?
  15. That should work using EDID injection.Looks like you current EDID is kind wrong or not patching properly.You can use windows to dump Edids. Im not really expert on this but try clover injection/custom