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  1. Nvidia geforce gt 550M

    just use nvidia webdriver
  2. ALC 887 - Sound Problem

    DSDT patch is the way to go or use voodooHDA
  3. Asus N53SV Battery Indicator for OSX Mavericks?

    why not u download it from app store then make installer its easy or do this
  4. AMD HD 7970 DSDT Injection

    please provide the .dsl or .aml file and untouched DSDT.As for injection goes you can just change the PCIO {0x000] to ur proper gpu encode like GPU0 ot IGPU or PE0 etc
  5. HW.kext is for checking HW info and cpu steps.it shouldn't cause any issue.But u have SIP enable in ur system so it wont load. Check ur clover logs ,bdmesg,dmesg etc i wanted it for cause it contains all the logs so we dont ask again and again for logs try disable SIp then rebuild cache and ur GPU is fully supported in osx so nvinjection should be "No" dmesg ahs lot of audio and sandbox error for some reason.Tyr repair HDD in disk utility
  6. Asus N53SV Battery Indicator for OSX Mavericks?

    This laptop is supported in os.So simple clover installation will do the job.but as trying to install with other guys kext might cause issues. Because some of the kext are old or out dated. Now for bios beep cause of bios settings so check you bios settings or update it. For battery fix you need to have dsdt fix and proper battery kext. Incorrect number of threads is cause of some settings in ur boot loader,so post ur full boot loader settings so we can take a look. and pls try to make an vanilla installer with clover bootloader instead of premade good hack
  7. Hmm hard to tell which issue causing reboot .You can check log for it.Most likely cpu panic causes instant reboots. sometimes its cause of ram or GPU. so its better you post darwin dumper reports. As for you system goes it fully supported in osx.
  8. RTL8188CU macos 10.12.6

    just copy the kext to S/L/E
  9. Pentium G3258 / GA-H81M-DS2V "Hac mini"

    im not sure about that card but gt220 works on newer os so it might work to.try Inject EFi srting and Nvenable=yes

    Your Wifi is not supported,you can check supported list here https://dm0s.wordpress.com/2017/10/21/wifi-supported-unsupported-list-for-hackintosh/
  11. Sierra slow boot

    Its normal after install kext in osx ,so just update the cache and repair permissions Also check your Cpu Speed steps.if its not steping properly then it causes slow boot sometimes
  12. XFX Radeon R9 270 High Sierra problem

    Its related to framebuffer or injection, so try change them
  13. Asus VivoBook Max X541SA

    you can use VM if u want https://github.com/geerlingguy/macos-virtualbox-vm https://dm0s.wordpress.com/2015/11/27/windows-vmware-guide-to-osx/
  14. Acer Aspire 5742g hackintosh

    You can just make a partition for osx installation but if ur HDD is on mbr then you might need to patch installer cause osx osx now uses GPT partition tables.Other then you good to go optimus is not supported for osx and u can disable them.intel 1st gen gpus has support for osx