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    Dmos reacted to Pasquinel in Kexts for Non-AHCI Mobo   
    Thnx a lot dmos. I'm grateful.
    I installed the kexts to be able to run on,
    1: HP dc7700
    2: Sony Vaio VGN-BZ31XT
    Both running on SL, Lion, ML, Mave and Yose.
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    Dmos got a reaction from javanesse in Asus ROG GL552JX - El Capitan 10.11 - Clover method   
    Esay guides :
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    Dmos got a reaction from mackie100 in Clover Configurator   
    On of the best tool for Hackintosh
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    Dmos got a reaction from fantomas in NVIDIA WebDriver Updater   
    Cool app
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    Dmos got a reaction from Mirone in EasyKext Pro "A Minimal and Super Fast Kext installer"   
    How it works ?? i tried ur tools.it remove most important kext from s/l/e then i have kextexcludelist ?error on 10.10.3. and giving me batch of caches errors ?
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    Dmos reacted to christ1111 in Installer_Yosemite_HD V3.app   
    Thanks Dmos
    Yes I can ! ?I've changing on the next version
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    Dmos got a reaction from grisno in PinConfigOverride HDA Verbs   
    Nice tool..
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