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  1. Version v1.0


    Credits mainly go to gygabyte666 for creating this useful tutorial and creating the mach_kernel to help me boot U{censored}. So I'm installing this laptop for a friend, my support will be limited. What you need to know: -This system has a locked MSR 0xE2, If you are a previous hackint0sh user this means AICPUPM.kext patch is useless, read more about it here -While using gygabyte's kernel, you may need to boot with -f for everything until you patch your kernel in a newer version of OS X. Suggested Install: -8GB USB Installer created using U{censored} 3.0.1 using 10.9.0 Mavericks (nothing newer) -Replace mach_kernel on USB with gygabyte's patched XCPM free kernel (only compatible with 10.9.0) -boot with -f -if that doesn't work, boot with -f -x -v (and if you can't get in, send me a screenshot of your panic) -Please just use this method for installation, upon updating to 10.9.2, you will need to patch your kernel using this patch by RehabMan (this guy is awesome) Notes: Please read all the links I'm posting!!! Honestly, I don't own this laptop and this is mainly a reference for people who have never tried hackint0shing or someone looking for a starter kit for this particular laptop, many features can still be improved, I'm just posting this cause no one has for this laptop yet!
  2. This piece of shit fucked up my PC so hard, 2 restores hasn't fixed it, fuck this shit
  3. Hey Dun, Updated the 10.8.3 package and removed 10.8.2, the CAldigit uninstaller is in the zip file, I also updated every kexts with slightly newer revisions.. won't notice much but it will be newer if you replace them, Good luck! ssgoku129
  4. Hey Dun, lol I signed with my IRL name, the USB 3.0 kext is compatible with both Clover and Chameleon+branches and Chimera compatible... Yeah so you should just have GenericUSBXHCI.kext, no PXHCD or CalDigit, they will cause the random disconnecting, so if you ran that CalDigit uninstaller and PXHCD isn't in /S/L/E or /E/E then you are good.... BTW I did a big cleanup of any and all Kexts I felt I should remove (I still kept some unnesecery drivers like the ATI kexts for one, it is safer this way I think) but a ton of third-party kexts have been sitting in my /S/L/E since 10.6 and since I removed them - I cut my boot time another 9 seconds so it literally shows the apple splash screen for a second and logs in - t's hard for me to tell you what to delete though so run this in terminal for me, ls -l /System/Library/Extensions >> ~/Desktop/Kexts_installed.txt email me the file, ssgoku129@jamesmorgan.ca and I'll send you back my installed kexts for you to compare and then you can just ask me about kexts that you may not be sure about deleting Specifically though, this fixed my burning problem, I can now burn anything and everything with Apple software, third-party is no longer required. Our Phoenix BIOS is actually pretty bad in terms of uEFI booting, I don't have the brain to explain how it is dysfunctional but if you go googling, you'll realize it pretty quick, start with Phoenix uefi booting, basically it's just badly programmed and Dell has no intentions in updating older models since the Windows uEFI bootloader for Windows 8 works fine, they don't see any reason to actually fix it "right". In regards to Optimus BIOS vs our BIOS, it's the same BIOS, the only thing that makes our BIOS different is a few hardware detections in the BIOS, but all the same options exist, the reason Optimus models can't use there internal graphics is actually the engineering of the graphics card, it has nothing to do with software/ROM, Optimus models (unless Mac started to support the hardware) even when unlocked don't allow you to set a primary Graphics Card or turn off IntelHD, or disable anything, there is no way an Optimus computer can use full graphics in the Mac from now until the end of time unless Apple decides the hardware is efficient which is highly unlikely since Apple likes to jump onto things when they're fresh and Optimus is getting old and forgotten. In fact, The A## BIOS is the same damn BIOS they've used for everyone of the XPS models both desktop and mobile, actually a lot of their products use this BIOS but hey, if you can recycle software for 30 years and have to do little to keep it working, why bother making it better? lol 21st century Grub2/Win7 and OSX will all boot fine and the Win7 bootloader can still chainload Windows 8 as well as Grub, so it's triple boot ready.. it's mostly our laptop that isn't ready, hopefully Clover makes some more progress with our BIOS.. I'm gonna be honest though, it's not really possible with what's available, but it's very possible it will be though we will never have a working mouse in the uEFI boot I presume as our BIOS is pretty vulnerable in the boot stage... Anyway dude, send me your installed kexts and you can start cleaning up there... highly suggest cleaning out those old USB3.0 Kexts first Regards, ssgoku129
  5. Hey dun, Well it's not as exciting as you'd think, I flashed my BIOS with a cracked version, I flashed my Intel ME version to the latest version available from Intel, and I had to use an application called phoenix tool to upgrade the uEFI booting capabilities by modifying my already-modified BIOS... this is quite scary, not difficult, but doing it wrong could cause a system brick. First of all, if you experience problems with USB 3.0, get the GenericUSBXHCI.kext and properly remove your old 3.0 drivers accorrding to this post (more or less, just remove PXHCD and run the caldigit uninstaller).. this is an AMAZING update, not only have I noticed better speeds, but not once has a USB 3.0 device caused a KP or randomly gotten disconnected. My journey for uEFI booting started here, first I learned to get the flashed bios (will post link) then you use phoenixtool to modify the modified BIOS to improve uEFI booting which allows Clover to boot with the requirement of only 1 efi file... Ughh... Damn, this is a bad time for me, I'll post the rest by tonight, Regards, James
  6. Hey dun74fr, I've been working on the laptop frivolously again, been trying to upgrade to uEFI booting so we can boot with clover, So far - I've managed to see working brightness controls, and sleep/wake with a much more improved speed, but constant KPs, like, way too many. clover booting is tough and will require a tutorial for our laptop I assume, I'm trying to figure out a legitimate way for us to "convert" the chameleon/chimaera/enoch bootloader to clover without having to do a fresh install (which seems to be the best option right now) but any mistakes along the way will cause a 2way no boot and require either MacDrive in Windows to fix or via terminal on an installation disk, I want to avoid this step at all costs, should be doable... I'll keep you posted
  7. Glad to hear, I'll do a voltage comparison and update mine/upload yours depending on if I can find more about the models we are using and how separate they may be and I'll have that updated for the next version of OS X that is released. As for sleep, sorry I can't give you much help, it's probably a fairly simple problem for me to fix but without physical access to the machine, all my efforts would be worthless, as soon as things become more but if you are looking for a dimmer, I occasionally use this app at night when the screen becomes an eye-strain, it doesn't do anything for the battery obviously as it just uses a black image to create an illusion of dimming but it is still pretty helpful if you find yourself staring at this bright ass screen for hours on end.
  8. Hey dun, just wondering if you had a reference for these voltages, used an existing similar model of GPU, or just did trial-and-error to determine the appropriate values?
  9. Hey Dun, That problem is very common for L1702x users and is most likely related to our DSDT, or the one you are using, it's hard for me to help you on this front because you need to compile a DSDT, there are plenty of tutorials on how to do this but this is a complicated task and I'm afraid I'm no help on the matter. Should you have any errors in your DSDT upon compilation, they should be corrected, usually google will have the answer for you but even though we have the same model of CPU, it's likely our Mobo or HW is slightly different in certain ways, that's why a DSDT is personally made by the user, I mean, you could post your errors here in compilation and I could try to help you but it's unlikely we have any of the same problems so I'll probably end up messing things up on your end more than I would be helping mainly because I don't have the physical PC in front of me and can't test it like I could with my own. As for changing the AGPM, yes by all means, if you are planning on lowering speeds, that is definitely safer than raising them and it's worth a shot, you should be able to navigate to the MacBookPro8,2 entry with PlistEditor and simply modify the values, lowering them to what you think works best, again this is another trial and error process so I could send you a new AGPM with lowered values but that may not do you any good, it's best if you try lowering the values gradually yourself until you find a comfortable speed. I hope you updated the bootloader? As the version you were using causes the graphical errors you are implying from display sleep, if the computer can't sleep, that's normal in your case, but if the display can't sleep, that's really bad. The display should have no trouble sleeping but I am VERY familliar with that problem if it cannot resume from display sleep, you'll likely need a better bootloader (Try Enoch's version!) but for starters you should use Chimera 2.0.1
  10. no problem I enjoy this, I just hope you don't have any overheating issues with the GPU cause I don't know if you can fix that kind of problem as a last resort for graphics, try installing this package from apple, it was a specific update for laptops, which isn't technically ours but I installed it a while back, not sure how much it helped but it's worth a shot! Glad to know things are running a little better, hopefully you've got a good grasp on how these things run now, and I wish you the best of luck with your hackint0sh endeavours!
  11. Don't remove FakeSMC, it lets all your other "Fake" Kexts load in the system kernel, this is one of the most highly required kext's although I did not realize the FakeSMC kext was modified in MB{censored} 5.2.1 I apologize, I attached the older revision of FakeSMC and shall keep you posted on if this newer version has any benefit for us and how to get it to boot without a KP
  12. You can see the About my Mac.png i have attached that I have a MacBookPro late 2011 model, this is understood from the SMBIOS which I will upload after this post. Why that happens? The SMBIOS corrects that our PC is a laptop and in the late 2011 generation, in the graphics kexts I attached lies video card information for our GPU, so the fact that you have a Mac Mini means it's got no information for the GPU attached and is in turn trying to run off IntelHD which is blocked by Dell's BIOS. Put the SMBIOS in /Extra folder and try to boot again, PLEASE change your serial number as you could be sharing it with other users, use Chameleon wizard or just open the SMBIOS.plist with TextEdit and change only the x's in: C02xxxxxDF8X
  13. Can you show me a screenshot of this from About this mac? Just wanna make sure we have the exact same video card model (as they made 4 revisions of the GT555m that I'm aware of)
  14. the Intel Centrino 6300 or whatever will not affect sleep, so don't bother pulling it out or you'll lose your bluetooth, if you didn't get the TV tuner, u can pop a Mac Wifi in that slot, but if you do have the tuner, you'll have to take it out if you want both your centrino and mac wifi, that's currently the way I have it set up. The cleaning and re-pasting is a really good idea, even if you are booting off an external it really doesn't explain the high temps, when you feel the bottom can u feel the intake fan sucking in air? and on the left side? it should be blowing out hot air, enough to warm your hand, i think it's 2 fans, maybe one isn't working? If your intake isn't sucking in air, that is REALLY bad and likely the cause of high temps. USB 3 isn't that exciting, even with a 3.0 USB drive as the speeds don't really take to 10x the normal rates as implied by the increased bandwidth, it's a little quicker, might want to use it for a backup drive but otherwise, it's meh. The SSD will give you great improvements, but repasting the CPU coolant is probably the best thing to do, This laptop is pretty simple to dissemble, 3 screws for the panel and 1 for the CD drive, then just pop off the trackpad panel and you're good to go. Do you game with it? Does it crash?
  15. interesting, it's running a good 20 degrees hotter, is it the 17" or the 15"? I noticed you only have one hard drive? try the overclocked GPU rom as I'm using it currently, see if it improves. If it doesn't and you notice this in other operating systems, I'd HIGHLY suggest RMA'ing with Dell (If you are in warranty), just tell them it's overheating and crashing, the temps are running at 70 degrees when they used to run at 50, just seems very strange unless your blocking the intake fan on the bottom or the outflow on the left side. Can you sleep the system fine?
  16. There is a combined 10.8.3 combo update from Apple which allows you to avoid using the App Store should you want to for any reason, Basically the patched IntelCPUPowerManagement.kext for 10.8 will work on 10.8.0-10.8.3 and possibly future revisions if it's not updated, you should be able to update no problem. If for some reason you aren't getting the right temp readouts, the HWMonitor you are using is outdated, or the kexts are old. I'd suggest just using MB{censored}'s latest version which includes the latest HWMonitor and kexts for it, look in the Drivers & Bootloaders/Drivers/Miscellaneous section and check FakeSMC/FakeSMC Plugins for installation which includes the updated HWMonitor. I am unfamiliar with the iAtkos installations, although everyone does the same thing which is use a bootloader/patched kernel/FakeSMC to boot into MacOS so there is no secret/special procedure to "upgrade", when it comes to updating, I personally update right away as I know what to do should any of my kexts become deprecated but just google "Hackint0sh 10.8.X Update" and you'll get more than enough info whether it's ok for you to upgrade, 10.8.2 > 10.8.3 is completely safe to do via App Store/Combined.dmg. Once you update the bootloader and FakeSMC/HWMonitor/Plugins, please post back and tell me if you're still getting problems, we may have to go deep into this problem should your graphics card be a newer/older revision in which case we'll have to get you to create your own DSDT as mine is just a leg up for you right now, but let's focus on getting Chimera 2.0.1 and MB{censored} 5.2.1 installed and see if you get better outputs, if your getting this problem in Ubuntu and Windows, sounds like you may want to RMA it with Dell, they are very kind and helpful if you are in warranty, TBH I had the same problem and they upgraded my GPU, or gave me a whole new PC, I'm not sure but after that I never had overheating problems again.
  17. No worries I'll upload a 10.8.3.zip with a new battery and audio fix, DSDT, etc. I'd suggest using the Chimera bootloader from the {censored} community. My Revision is: Darwin/x86 boot v5.0.132 - Chimera v.2.0.1 r2109 Sorry the reason mine wasn't working was because I had a ton of crap in /Extra/Extensions but the current bootloader you are using, 2.2 r2140 is highly outdated so that's probably why your system is reaching 100?C, jesus that is really high you know, of course your system is shutting down! Here's a screenshot of my current temps as you can see my temps are running alright. You also have the 3D laptop? Are you using the standard 8 Cell double-sized battery? I bought a 6 cell flat battery but learned that I was blocking airflow and causing overheating, give me any details you can, shouldn't be getting that, if you aren't doing anything graphically intense, you should see speeds of x12 324MHz speeds, I should get about 4 hours out of the battery right now.
  18. Hey Dun, hahaha nice man, I just came here to post the same thing, yeah ALC665 refers to the 3 side ports/microphone/jbl speakers but HDMI is linked to our video card so even with working ALC665 Audio, doesn't have anything to do with the HDMI. Nonetheless, maybe I can implement 1/4 of the HDMI modules (Only HDMI for the HDMI out, not the other HDMIs) and implement it into our DSDT/ALC665 kext and I'll be sure to post that.. Just a quick question cause I can't seem to get my audio working with my bootloader, could you check your revision for me if you don't mind? Easiest way to check is by using Chameleon Wizard, the very last line in the Install tab should say "Darwin/x86 boot ... - Chameleon v2.Xsvn r21xx" You might be using Enoch/Chimera or another but would save me a lot of time if the audio is booting fine for you
  19. Hey Dun, I'm also missing my microphone, especially for Skype! There's multiple ways to work around it if it's a necessity, the VoodooHDA kext will work but possibly cause more kernel panics, I'm still working on patching the Realtek official audio driver that has worked in past editions, as soon as I have it working, I'll be sure to post it!
  20. Version 10.10.2


    This is an updated kext build to the L702x Dell XPS 3D Laptop (some Optimus support but may not be the latest). Working: -Everything!! -Brightness Adjustments finally!!! Not Working: -Intel Centrino Advanced N-6230 (this is impossible, most likely) -3D and Blu-Ray Disks (duh) -TV-Tuner if purchased (I didn't do much research, if anyone knows about TV Tuners and hackint0sh, please let me know) 10.8.3 Improvements: -3 Finger Swiping Up,Down,Left,Right (use BetterTouchTool!) -3 Finger Tap for Mission Control -Left+Right Click = Middle Click -Revamped Audio now with HDMI support for both the HDMI and MiniDP Outputs -Fn Control from Keyboard Preferences (no need to reboot to BIOS to change Fn On or Off) -HDMI out works flawlessly (select the second HDMI output in audio) -MiniDP is functional but a little glitchy (select the third HDMI output in audio, may be the MiniDP to HDMI cable I am using causing problems) -USB3.0 doesn't randomly disconnect on prolonged usage but will not recognize devices plugged in before boot -TurboBoost Active and can reach a good 7+ states (8x,12x,16x,17x,22x,26x,27x,28x) -ROM dump including a fully functional overclocked ROM dump as well as the before edit of the GT555M - 10de_0dcd. Both work great, the overclocked one will ironically have your fans running at lower speeds and doesn't seem to get too much hotter (2-4 degrees if that), BUT may freeze up more frequently on battery, just use the regular ROM if your on battery frequently. -Device ID injected with some decent specifications, before injecting my device ID I had several problems, blank boot screens, couldn't change resolution and laggy start of graphical applications. With the injected vendor device, I have managed to increase my Processor integer performance by 4000+ which has successfully increased my GeekBench results above 10,000 which is about 400-1000 points faster than it used it to be. -Sleep works on some Dell's, sadly not mine, my friend has the exact same L702x with an older GPU - 10de_124d and his sleeps fine for some reason, I will continue looking into this 10.8.4 -Lots of updates to basic Operating System functionality. -Updated RehabMan's PS2Controller -Updated to Enoch's r2236 bootloader for Nvidia GPUs (Audio support improved) -Old/Unsupported 3.0 Drivers removed - updated to GenericUSBXHCI.kext - 100% functional, plug in anytime! -The ROM is currently deprecated, will work on reintegrating it (will not boot with ROM on r2180+) but the ROM doesn't do anything noticeable currently so not a big deal. -Find My Mac working -Sleep is tricky, I have it working but my DSDT may be different even if we have the same L702x Laptop, I cannot help people get sleep working unfortunately due to the amount of variables required to have it working, I will keep people posted as the project grows. -Burning 100%: no longer requires a third-party application, can use Disk Utility, iTunes, etc. Added GPU Tools to debug/troubleshoot Updated SSDT/DSDT Added Multiple System Options* MSRDumper for testing PStates BetterTouchTool for configuring 3-finger swipes *I've included 3 different smbios plus a SSDT for each - there are updated SSDT's that may not function with older smbios so use them at your own risk -Brightness Controller FINALLY SOLVED! -Updated Bootloader -minor fixes 10.8.5 -older battery in use again. -brightness still working! -added another audio kext for more option. -added the spdisplay fix for renaming your monitor. -updated to the latest FakeSMC that is compatible. -updated GPU kext, ROM still deprecated. -updated keyboard+trackpad, better drag support, 3-finger still working. -updated boot.plist, ssdt, and removed all other revisions besides Pro8,2 and Pro9,1. 10.9.0 -Different Dell battery in use due to console errors from other batteries. -GPU is now natively supported -updated GenericUSBXHCI.kext to v1.2.7 -updated FakeSMC/HWMonitor to v5.3.820 now support Power Consumption measured in watts -Enoch updated to v2266 -RehabMan’s PS2 Controller updated to 2013-0918 -Added option for older L702x that don’t have native AGPM.
  21. there is no "U.S. Dev.bundle", please specify where this is
  22. Awesome! Works on Dell XPS 1702x (3D and Non-3D Models)... Finally replaced my buggy VoodooBattery.kext! Thanks
  23. please, if you want help.. be more descriptive, and explain what you have tried and what you think the derivative of the problem may be. For starters, what kernel flags do you have enabled? VBIOS? ATI ROM? GraphicsEnabler? Don't flag them, i want to know there state. Secondly, have you configured device properties? how have you done it? please refer to Device Property strings - Project OS X Forums if you have no idea what I'm talking about, also search gfxutil as it will be required to modify your dev properties. VRAM does not indicate what is in use, please download atMonitor via google search and enable the task bar HUD. Report whether your GPU is active and if its working with more than 1 Context and Texture. Also tell me if your VRAM is marked ACTIVE and whether or not any "B" (Bytes) are in use according to atMonitor. Do some research and get back to me
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