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  1. i tried myhack over and over but i can't get it to boot the install usb. Can i use Iatkos ML2?
  2. Can anybody help my specs are Lenovo G780 Laptop - 21829UU on this website G780 Essential Laptop - Lenovo G780 Price and Features | Lenovo | (US)
  3. I recently posted a thread about how my trackpad doesn't work. I fixed that by using the retail version of mac os lion. However in order for me to have wifi i have to use a dsdt given by this guide Lenovo B570 - InsanelyMac Forum So without it i wont be able to have wifi, I dont know how to approach this. When I move the dsdt over to the extra folder I have wifi but it seems it disabled the trackpad and in the system settings it says no trackpad found. I am a noob at all of this. The only other hackintosh I did was for an old dell d610. I dont know how to delete the other thread. Thanks
  4. I have installed Mac Os lion with iatkos l1 following this guide Lenovo B570 - InsanelyMac Forum I followed everything but my trackpad still doesn't work. I asked the question on the other forum but I didnt recieve a response. I need my trackpad to work, currently im using a usb mouse. If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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