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  1. I can confirm this does work on my Dell 365 Bluetooth adapter in my Dell 1558 Notebook under 10.9 Mavericks.....
  2. Hello

    I'v read that you were able to fix my dsdt and I was wondering if you can tell me how you make HDMI,LVDS,and VGA working on our laptop. All i got it LVDS.



  3. First time Facetime has worked for me, icloud also still working. Lost my audio interface though, will look into it. Thank you. I was having problems with the New Chimera, 1.5.4, 1.4.1 was working but this one seems to work the best.
  4. Still not working is sleep and stepping. Any takers?
  5. Just an update. I fixed it, I now have HDMI, VGA and LVDS displays all working. I used Chimera bootloader from MB{censored} along with the rest of your files and posting here. I also updated to retail Lion and I am 100 percent happy with video quality and performance. I even have a translucent menubar on top. A huge thank you. Jeremy
  6. Regarding my external displays, if I remote into the laptop with screen sharing, I see the secondary VGA display. It is also detected but does not light up. I have messed with various ati drivers and have always had to revert back to Hoolock and my QE/CI enabled LVDS internal hi def display. I am happy but would love external monitors. Also I was able to get my DVD burner working, I upgraded Chameleon to 113x yesterday adhering using org.chameleon.Boot.plist instead of com.apple.boot.plist. I've been working on DW1520, unsuccessful so far. Sleep not working and battery dies pretty quickly. I am thinking kext file and dsdt edits will fix these issues. Anyone game, or need any help I am happy to help. jvisaproductions@yahoo.com Thank you Jeremy
  7. It does work on 10.6.8 but I have no external displays. I am using the DSDT from kexts.com I am also using your recommended chameleon version. Please advise, would love dual monitor to work again. It sees the monitor, the mouse scrolls off the screen as if it were there. This goes for either HDMI or VGA. Thank you for your excellent work. Jeremy jvisaproductions@yahoo.com
  8. I still got no external displays.
  9. remove batery and power, remove 4 gb memory module, install OS with 1 - 4gb module only?.. install 10.6.3 retail from booting with iB{censored} legacy, use cpus=1 busratio=12 -x -v install combo update 10.6.8 do not reboot when completed. remove AppleHDA.kext from s/l/e conflicts with VoodooHDA remove SleepEnabler.kext - causes kp install ralink wifi driver 10.5 for 3910 half height pci wifi card. 32 bit only copy dsdt.aml to desktop run MB{censored} 3.7.3 select userdsdt select VoodooPS2controller VoodooPS2Trackpad FakeSMC.kext - FakeSMCPlugins.kext - NullCPUManagement - select VoodooHDA 2.72 after install, remove the following kexts from SuperIOFamily.kext remove F718x.kext - IT87x.kext - W836x.kext NVClockX.kext causes kp remove RadeonMonitor.kext causes kp after you finish removing kexts, run kext utility install chameleon 1083 edit com.apple.Boot.plist <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> AtiConfig Hoolock EthernetBuiltIn Yes GraphicsEnabler Yes Kernel mach_kernel Kernel Flags arch=i386 (key and wifi will not work without this.) Legacy Logo Yes Timeout 2 ter after completion, remove battery and power and install 4 gb module, install batt and power boot up. still not working, external displays translucent top bar dvd drive in os disk utility freezing fsck not working from single user mode keyboard hotkeys original dell dw1520 wifi card
  10. hey there, missed your message. im using a ralink 3910 card and a 32 bit driver from ralinks website. it is a half height wifi card that came in my msi cr600. i couldnt find the driver for the dw1520 sorry. where you at with your dell anyway? im on 10.6.8 and have allot working but still have some stuff not working. thanks jeremy

  11. Exact same version of chameleon . I will be trying again today from a clean install it looks like because after a reboot, I am locked out. I am doing a retail install with iB{censored}. I could not get 10.6.6i to work, but I had not tried another kernel. I have to use iB{censored} legacy to get retail to work, guessing the same iB{censored} legacy will allow 10.6.6i to work. I then updated to 10.6.8 but not without various issues on reboot. I've been documenting and fighting with them but have to do a clean later today. I will report back and try to use kext utility and 10.6.6i this time. Thank you for your help with ATI 5470 Graphics.
  12. i replaced wi fi card with ralink mini pci from a cr600 i think its the 3910 model. the dw1520 does not work, no driver. I have working graphics but. I have no HDMI or VGA output at all. I put the injector in e/e and the rest in /s/l/e, overwriting the original 10.6.8 kext files. I did back up all the kext files as well, so if I had to enter single user mode to recover but I was somewhat successful, no external outputs. Any ideas? Thanks.
  13. still testing, no translucent top bar and external display shown but not displaying graphics. laptop display seems perfect though otherwise. have to still test hdmi. will report back. thanks. sl 10.6.8 dell studio 1558 i7 720qm, 8gb ram, ati 5470m 1gb
  14. testing now. this and the dsdt on kexts.com all in 1 day, i am very happy. studio1558 owner
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