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    All you need to get your 6510b working with Lion 10.7.5 I used the 10.7.2 installer, updated to 10.7.5 So, lets say you install 10.7, you can install 10.7.5 update and apply the pack. Patched DSDT, the Chameleon configuration works fine, I would leave it as it is, running two months without any errors/KP, almost always on. Everything works great, exept sleep, as always, but its possible to get it working, I just never bothered, I don't use sleep anyways, my laptop is always on. This pack includes everything to get it working smoothly. Copy the contents of Extra folder to your Chameleon Extra folder and the S/L/E folder contents to /System/Library/Extensions, replace the anything what already exists, rebuild kext cache and reboot. (After reboot you can remove "Dont Steal Mac OS X.kext" from Extensions folder and rebuild kext cache again, AppleDecrypt.kext does its job now, faster. Can be used on any Lion system.) Backlight also works. WIFI works, I use a different WIFI card than the stock one, Google for 6510b wifi whitelist BIOS and replace the BIOS with the modded one to allow any WIFI card to be used. Graphics work, never freezes, no KP. So this also includes working driver for X3100 (0x2a02), without mouse lag, random freezes or KP's. Extract all the AppleIntel* files and try, should work on any X3100 (But it may require working and tweaked powermanagement/speedstep, witch can be a reason for freezes.) Cheapest and best working hackintosh...hackbook I ever had. (:
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