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  1. Many laptops with intel architecture (i3, i5, i7, HD integrated graphics) will fork almost out of the box. Almost. You'l need to do your research , once you find laptop that appeals to you. 

    For example, pretty old laptop from my signature works almost OOB, but  I needed to change wifi card. But for 150e it's pretty awesome. 😀

  2. Short tutorial how to get hackintosh sound to work using AppleALC.kext




     - Clover Configurator

     - AppleALC.kext

     - Lilu.kext

     - Supported Codecs list

     - MaciASL



    So, you all may or may not know that the best solution for enabling your sound is AppleALC.kext

    To get it working you’ll need obviously AppleALC.kext but also Lilu.kext


    You need to install those kexts to your EFI/kexts/Other folder.


    EFI other.png


    Third thing you’ll need is layout-id for your audio codec. Simply go to this page and find one that corresponds to your hardware: https://github.com/acidanthera/AppleALC/wiki/Supported-codecs


    Injecting is easy, simply use Clover Configurator, mount your EFI partition and load your config.plist. From there go to Devices and go to Audio and type in on of the layout Id’s from Supported Codecs page. If there is more than one, you’ll need to test one by one to find appropriate. While at Audio tab, you can check ResetHDA box too:


    Inject audio.png





    So we are done! And for most of you, you’ll have sound. But for the others, sound is nowhere to be found! What’s next????



    Well, there is a few thing we could do.


    1. For starters, in Clover configurator, ACPISection, in the list of patches add

    change HDAS to HDEF

    Clover configurator will fill in Find and Replace values.




    HDAS to HDEF.png


    DO the restart after every change.


    Still no sound???


    2. Second thing we need to check is whether AppleALC.kext and AppleHDA.kext are loading.

    Use these commands:


    kextstat | grep -y hda


    Output should look something like this:

    grep hda.png


    Also for ALC:


    kextstat | grep -y ALC


       grep ALC 2.png


    If you see they are loading, like in previous examples, then, probably you need to try some other layout ID and you’ll soon have sound.


    But what if for example AppleHDA.kext is not loading?


    3. You probably need some patches in your dsdt, namely HPET Fix and IRQ Fix


    Use MaciASL for adding patches to your dsdt




    #Maintained by: RehabMan for: Laptop Patches



    # If you have panic "No HPETs available..." or have a abrubt restart

    # after waking from sleep, you may need this patch.

    # The patch makes sure the HPET device is always available.


    # HPET fix to avoid AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement panic

    into method label _STA parent_hid PNP0103 remove_entry;

    into device name_hid PNP0103 code_regex Name\s\(_STA\,\s+0x0F\) remove_matched;

    into device name_hid PNP0103 insert


    Name (_STA, 0x0F)\n



    into method label _CRS parent_hid PNP0103 remove_entry;

    into device name_hid PNP0103 insert


    Method (_CRS, 0, NotSerialized)\n


        Return (BUF0)\n









    #Maintained by: RehabMan for: Laptop Patches



    # This can fix non-working audio and also has an affect on HPET.


    # Use this if you have issues with patched AppleHDA (required on almost all laptops)

    # or if you have issues with HPET (restart after wake).


    # IRQ fix

    into device name_hid PNP0000 code_regex IRQNoFlags\s\(\)\n\s+\{(\d+)\} remove_matched;

    into device name_hid PNP0100 code_regex IRQNoFlags\s\(\)\n\s+\{(\d+)\} remove_matched;

    into device name_hid PNP0B00 code_regex IRQNoFlags\s\(\)\n\s+\{(\d+)\} remove_matched;

    into device name_hid PNP0103 code_regex IRQNoFlags\s\(\)\n\s+\{.*\} removeall_matched;

    into device name_hid PNP0103 code_regex Name\s\(([^,]+),\sResourceTemplate\s\(\).*\n\s+\{((?:.|\n)*)\}\) replace_matched


    Name (%1, ResourceTemplate()\n


        IRQNoFlags() { 0, 8, 11, 15 }\n








    Place dsdt.aml to your EFI/ACPI/Patched Folder and restart one more time.


    efi patched.png


    4. If you still have no sound you can try to check FixHDA also in ACPI Section of Clover Configurator.




    After every restart and every change, of layout-id’s, or patches or fixes, you’ll need to check if AppleHDA or AppleALC is loaded.


    5. Last fix to try is to remove every instance of HDEF from your dsdt.aml, as it may interfere with sound activation proces. 

    For that you use MaciASL, simply find HDEF, delete it and recompile it.

    And you should be done!


    So there you go, hopefully now you have sound on your hacintosh. Please comment below if it’s working for you!









    grep alc.png

  3. I don't understand how AppleIntelFramebufferCapri.kext is not in your S/L/E? It should be there by default. Maybe there lies your problem...


    And looking at your screenshots your graphic card seems recognized by the system.


    Anyways, use my config.plist and try some other ig-platform-ids, like this one > config.plistSimply change them with Clover configurator.


    Pleas report back!

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