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    noname reacted to refinery in SuperVIAATA by c0rk007hck   
    i know this is a very, very old thread... but I wanted to say that this kext worked for me to get an old SIL3512 v1.3 card working under 10.14 Mojave. My card is a v1.3, which has a device id of 0x65121095, but otherwise its the same card. I added 0x65121095 to the info.plist file, and rebooted... and now the attached drives are visible and working.
    the drives do not show any controller information under system profiler, but the drives themselves are showing.
    Intel DQ67OWb3 + i7-2600 + SIL3512 v1.3 PCI card working fine on 10.14.4.

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    noname reacted to Rene in Intel HD Graphics 4400/4600 Graphics (El Capitan)   
    Nothing wrong, the file downloads fine for me.
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    noname reacted to donovan6000 in Lapic Kernel Patcher V0.7   
    Lol thanks again. I love how I don't have to test anything myself anymore
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