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  1. If u're on realtek ethernet device u can use the universal driver found in the latest MB{censored} or the others found in MB{censored}
  2. Version 1.0


    Bing Desktop X... The Bing Desktop for OS X. The wallpaper doesn't change automatically. (I'm working on that) No annoying Search Bar Just run and get the latest bing wallpaper *without* the bing logo. Built based on python with code from here Demo
  3. Use the n5010 edid fix.... search it up, u'll find it
  4. Get the kext but you won't be needing that bluetooth adapter. on the N5010 The wifi and bluetooth module are sperate so you'll have to take both out when you swap out the wifi. Keeping it might cause issues or you might end up detecting 2 devices for the same computer when searching from some other bluetooth device like me.
  5. Just give it a go, i've had totally unexpected stuff working on my hackintoshes
  6. dere r no kexts for Intel Centrino Wireless-n 1000. I swapped out my wifi and bluetooth card 4 a HP Atheros AR5B195 (AR9285 WiFi +AR3011 Bluetooth Combo) and both work fine. as for HDMI Video out that works if u add AtiPorts=3 to your boot.plist atleast 4 me. HDMI Audio Works with VoodooHDA only.
  7. u use a Synaptics or an Alps trackpad? Alps trackpads don't work with multi-touch yet.
  8. Give me the device id of your graphics card. If its in da image, text on the image is not barely visible to me.
  9. Version 1.0


    Pre-patched AppleHDA for IDT 9281B1X5 (Codec ID: 0x111d7605) on Dell Inspiron N5010. No DSDT Edit Required. Sound starts up after login. No mic yet. On Installation any AppleHDA.kext, HDAEnabler.kext, AppleHDADisabler.Kext or VoodooHDA.kext is backed up to /HDA_Bak. To switch to VoodooHDA run this command in the terminal before installing VoodooHDA. sudo rm -rf /Library/StartupItems/IDTEnabler Please try on other models that use the same codec and report back.
  10. Version 1.0


    Just install and you're good to go..... Any Apple PS2 Kexts will be backed up to /PS2_Bak
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