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  1. Anyone tried this yet? Is it the same as this: http://thetecherra.com/2012/02/17/tutorial-run-os-x-mountain-lion-10-8-on-a-pc-hackintoshosx86-from-start-to-finish/ If so, I can't get that one to work since it always reboots when I try to load the usb to install it.
  2. I was just wanting to use your dsdt for the fixes in it, hopefully we can figure out what the differences are so I can use it. I still appreciate your work and this is a great pack! Was just frustrated about the weirdness with the dsdt.
  3. Feh, everything is fine when I go back to my {censored} dsdt though, it's weird.
  4. superstargoddess


    This actually gave me kernel panic, had to restore.
  5. Even when I just choose legacy, the DSDT screws up my graphics every single time.
  6. Aww, why doesn't this work with 550ti? Mine works perfectly right now the way I have it set up!
  7. Or you could go out and buy an Intel Processor and compatible mobo like I did.
  8. Terrible, makes all of my programs quit unexpectedly. Phenom II 1055t.
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