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  1. ...anyway, tried the first method, got 0 errors with DSDT EDITOR, so I assume I did it right, the gtx 950 won't load with clover, even alone. With Chameleon I always get some USB related KP...I'm downharted. I don't want to sell the gtx 650 because I have no integrated graphics so I think I'll need it for future OSX installs, but I'd like to get it working too. If someone of you would like to be paid to try solving this matter just let me know what else you need
  2. Should I type those lines manually in my DSDT? In that page are suggested 3 different ways, which one should I try, or at least which one first?
  3. Actually I already got my DSDT patched (I'm not a noob but not that good at patching DSDTs) expecially for cpu power management issues and it worked great with different GPUs and Chameleon bootloader so far, as it follows: Nvidia 9800GT --> OOB with stock drivers Nvidia GTX 650 --> OOB with stock drivers Nvidia GTX 950 --> OOB with web drivers GTX 650 + GTX 950 --> doesn't work With clover, as you know, I wasn't able to get the GTX 950 working, alone or together with the GTX 650 anyway, this is the patched DSDT I use: dsdt 3.aml
  4. ...same result as in the post of last Saturday at 6:59 PM...I don't think anymore it's all about Clover
  5. hey man, take a look at this report, at least I got no KP or reboot or USB issue and both cards are detected, but no VRAM, resolution and acceleration. I used a specific config.plist I found for x58 boards, by the way the only one that could let me install EL CAPITAN. At booting I checked all video-injection flags in Clover options DarwinDumper_2.9.9.2_Clover_X64_3424_Cap_ulderico.zip
  6. I only have 2.0 ports, my MOBO is a bit old...wanna take a look at my edited DSDT? Anyway, tried those strings and OEM folder, same result...I really don't understand why it is so complicated, at least with Chameleon and only one GPU it works flawlessly
  7. I'm very sorry, it's not about reading you with attention or not, but doing it right...I didn't put the config.plist in the right folder...I'm learning clover...anyway, now clover detects both cards, I put the config.plist in the right folder (EFI/Clover), removed plist inside OEM folder, I get this screen and automatic reboot: By the way, I use an edited DSDT to get everything working, I even tried to put it in EFI/clover/ACPI/patched...but got same result
  8. clover r3424, your config.plist, webdrivers are there and work flawlessly as soon as I boot with Chameleon with just one GPU installed (gtx 950) DarwinDumper_2.9.9.2_Clover_X64_3424_Cap_ulderico.zip
  9. No USB devices plugged in. Tried with clover and your config.plist, gtx 950 in the 1st slot and monitor plugged into, gtx 650 in the 2nd slot, it seems only the latter is properly detected but the former is driving the monitor (7MB VRAM, no acceleration) this is the new DD report: DarwinDumper_2.9.9.2_Clover_X64_3320_Cap_ulderico.zip By the way, with clover same result with just gtx 950 installed
  10. Tried Chameleon with every combination of GraphicsEnabler and PCIRootUID, I get this endlessly loading screen again and again It seems to be USB related but I really don't understand what does it have to do with graphics cards, and I don't get USB related issues with just one card anyway If you don't have any other hint I'd try Clover way
  11. I'm not switching 1) on my boot drive is installed Chameleon and I said I'd prefer to stay with it because I'm not that good in configuring Clover, but you didn't answer the question whether Clover is mandatory or just better 2) So I tried to boot into my default partition using a Clover based USB installer but without success, even adding the strings you suggested to config.plist That said, now could we make some trials to get it working with Chameleon? 1) if yes, please tell me how to configure it (I use Chameleon Wizard for that) 2) if NOT, please tell me how to configure Clover (at booting or with Clover configurator) many thanks for patience
  12. Done, only the gtx 650 is properly detected (with right VRAM) but no acceleration Anyway, this is the DD report booting just with gtx 950 and nvidia web drivers DarwinDumper_2.9.9.2_Enoch_X64_Cap_ulderico.zip (I made a little step forward unchecking USB patch in Chameleon wizard and with System definition MacPro 5,1: no more KP but stuck on no through traffic symbol after apple logo)
  13. ok, so should I get a DD report booting with chameleon or clover? I'd prefer to stay with Chameleon if possible, because I am not that good at configuring Clover. Obviously I can get a report just booting with a single GPU installed
  14. ...if only I knew what DD is... Fantomas, are you talking about Chameleon or Clover? I didn't understand yet whether it could work with Chameleon or clover is mandatory anyway, I used the config.plist posted here http://www.{censored}.com/el-capitan-desktop-support/173825-x58-os-x-el-capitan-x58a-ud3r-2.html (post #17) , the only one that worked in El capitan with my MOBO
  15. it seems only the card in the first PCI-E slot can be detected, no matter which of the two is. I tried with every slot combination, no way to get it working. Booting with a clover based USB installer stick I got no graphic VRAM and acceleration at all..don't know what else to try...
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