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  1. On Asus x53sv, with elantech touchpad two finger gestures don't work, I had it working on ML but in Mavericks the same kexts don't work, any solution?
  2. worked like a charm on x53sv, whereas the kexts I used successfully in ML failed in Mavericks, thank you very much ? just one thing: the explanation of the options are in an unknown language or the characters are messed up
  3. I'm stuck on "SuperIODevice: [Fatal] found unsupported ship ID=0xffff" and I don't know how to fix it
  4. doesn't work on my ASUS x53sv laptop, no kernel panic though, just freeze at boot, only works with "-x" flag
  5. You should add laptop support and pot-install options to this too
  6. ...and for those who are already running native CPU power management? any usefulness?
  7. kissandtell

    New Osx NvidiaUPD

    Do you have Optimus + Intel HD Graphics? Does it enable switching?
  8. @pmdsp just boot with "GraphicsEnabler=No"
  9. did you enable switching between HD3000 and discrete card? How?
  10. UniYankee: Are you saying that you have graphic card switching enabled? Which laptop model/specs do you have?
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