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  1. You can use CarbonCopyCloner. Or SuperDuper! to backup/restore OSX. On Hack when you restore , you need to reinstall bootloader. See Ya Sent from  iPhone/iPad
  2. Try NVidia web driver for OSX. Sent from  iPhone/iPad
  3. you can find one in internet ... Search imac9.1 smbios.plist but it is not really a good idea to create Osx USB pen from Windows . It will give you a lot of troubles ... Better choice is to create USB pen from another pc just running Osx. Sent from  iPhone/iPad
  4. You can extract it from your installation media. Use Pacifist Sent from  iPhone/iPad
  5. Try -x-v option at boot time. Or create a legacy Clover USB pen to boot Osx Snow Leo ... Sent from  iPhone/iPad
  6. Try to recreate install Usb pen Use another bootloader (chameleon or enoch) Change smbiosplist to imac9 Sent from my iphone with Tapatalk 2
  7. I haven't an Hackintosh , i have a different Apple ...

    Think Different

  8. Try RealteakRTL81xx.kext Search with google Sent from iPhone/iPad
  9. First of all -Yes you can upgrade You can install Osx Lion, MLion, Mavericks, ... Just try it.. Probably you will loose Qe/ci acceleration on graphics card . BTW you will try to find a way to enable your old GC. See Ya
  10. Bueno, tienes que activar Qe/ci su tu targhetta grafica , Que portatil Sony vaio Vgn es ? Hasta la vista You must activate QE/CI on graphics card. Please tell us which model ot notebook is your Sony Vaio VGN . See Ya
  11. You have to use the windows recover function on usb/cd Boot it , go repair menu and see if there is something wrong to be repaired... Report if you resolve your issue See ya Pippox0
  12. Hi, Thanks you, John Best regards PippoX0
  13. Hi, i have a Radeon hd 6450 and doesn't works. Which Kext do you have used for your 6470 ? ? Thanks ? PippoX0
  14. I consider Tapatalk plugin a must because , we can easily follow the forum even when we are not in front of a PC. I have installed Tapatalk client on my iPhone and on my iPad. Please ... install on forum. thanks ... ? I vote too for that plugin ? Best Regards ? PippoX0
  15. You have to prepare your ML DVD before you can use it on Pc or Virtualbox. Try yourself reading on internet or get iAtkos Ml2 Iso.
  16. Excellent SW !! Best Regards PippoX0
  17. Try to reinstall Dutch language over OSx Lion HD Locate and run Dutch.pkg from OSx Lion /System/Library/Installation/Packages on USB/DMG
  18. i need for Dev Preview4 - update please .... PippoX0
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