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  1. florete

    AGAIN UPDATE mach_kernel 10.7.3 for AMD!!!!!!!!

    work on amd sempron 3000+ ???
  2. florete

    Chameleon 2.1svn-r1902 ErmaC branch

    not working on 10.5.8:(
  3. I try to install snow leopard volume control does not work, iTunes does not work properly, I tried different kernels everything works perfectly. spotligh broken. this kernel work? Sorry for my english .My system is AMD Sempron 3000+ nVidia GeForce 9600GS 768MB HDD Sata 160GB C-Media 8768 DVD-RW Sata But not works.
  4. florete

    Anv Legacy Kernel 10.7.0 with custom dyld

    this kernel works on AMD Sempron ?
  5. florete

    legacy kernel for OS X 10.6.7 / Darwin 10.7.0

    I tried several kernels but I have always problems with Spotlight indexing. this is good? sorry for my English