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  1. sidd

    AMD Radeon HD 7650M ROM

    Anyone ! Somebody ! Someone !
  2. sidd

    AMD Radeon HD 7650M ROM

    Kyndder wer r u ! My old frnd
  3. sidd

    AMD Radeon HD 7650M ROM

    How can i extract ROM from this tool fptw64.exe ! Ive used this cmd FPTW64.EXE -D -BIOS?BACKUP.ROM ? i got full bios now how to extract VBios init !
  4. i can see rom in ubuntu ! ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ find /sys/devices -name "rom" /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:01.0/0000:01:00.0/rom <- this is Bios (131kb) /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1c.0/0000:02:00.0/rom <- this is VBios ROM (65kb) only need to copy ! But y does ubuntu is giving I/O error ! Ive used Sudo, but no luck !
  5. GPU-Z(Bios not Readable) failed? AIDA64 Extreme Edition Failed !
  6. plz help me extract vbios AMD Radeon HD 7650m Ive used clover F6 method? ? c0000.bin.zip
  7. VoodooHDA-v2.8.7 Not working on vt 1708s N10 /ICH7 Family High Definition Audio Dev ID:0x27d88086 ? g41m combo 10.10.1
  8. OS X Yosemite GM Version?10.10 (14A389)?
  9. All works on Ga-G41m combo rev1.4 but no sound even if voodooHda is loaded n not ethernet ! plz help
  10. my devices id is 2e32 ....n it not woking for me....! mobo-GA-G41m combo r2 OS-OS X Mountain Lion....! plz help me
  11. works on compac presario v3500,lion 32-bit........... on secondary click(two-finger-tap) not working.....!
  12. only two finger scrolling works on compaq presario V3500(lion). no single tap for left click working.or 1 finger tap working no two-finger tap for right click working. and no trackpad preference pane working(loaded).
  13. ya i have tried and spinnig gear appears but i think ....sometime it gives an error "pci parity error". only thing i need is, by default without adding the kernel flag.
  14. i know, but i want it as default....without adding the kernel flag.......coz according to me adding kernel flag, give an error. its not a big issue.....but i only need the spinnig gear at startup.......thats all. my system is perfect both lion and mountain lion.
  15. mobo:GA-G41m-combo i m using IOPCIfamily.kext by default from apple, my pc boots but there is no spinning gear at startup ...... when i switched to verbose....in stuck at PCI configuration begins ......but system boot perfectly.
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