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  1. Version 1.0


    Intel GMA X3100 should work with all X3100 Drivers of Intel, it has not been tested that much, but I hope it would work 100% who have a Intel GMA X3100. Please tell me if it worked so I can make a list of all computer names and models so my group and I can further develop the product. Intel GMA X3100 works on; - -------- Extra You need a full activated version of Office Mac 2011? (900MB) http://adf.ly/4nhBC Wait 5 sec. - Skip ad Updated [MM/DD/YY] [01/18/12]
  2. Juminarie

    Atheros AR5007

    You need a different .kext file, can you give me a link to your laptop/desktop maybe I can help you out?
  3. Juminarie

    Atheros AR5007

    Have you installed IO80211Family.kext in Kext Helper? I know it works with N220, and I have read that it should work as well on HP mini 110-3000, Acer Aspire One D260, Samsung R530, because they both use a "802.11b/g/n" connection?
  4. Sounds Great I will keep an eye on your post.
  5. You got your Toshiba R840 Tecra notebook to work 100% with Wireless, resolution and sounds? If you did I really want all the files you used? :-)
  6. Version 1.0


    Hello all, I uploaded these files for them who have a ?Samsung N220 Plus? Netbook Mini. I assume it will work as well on other Samsung versions with ?Atom CPU?; the thing I know is that it will work with ?Samsung R530? too. --------------------------------------------------- Patch will work on; Samsung R530 Samsung N220 Plus HP mini 110-3000 Acer Aspire One D260 I have a Samsung N220 Plus, but I will keep updating more I find out Please report to me if you found out more details? --------------------------------------------------- IN ORDER TO WORK INSTALL FIRST #1 Atheros AR9285.pkg #2 Kext Helper b7.app #3 IO80211Family.kext --------------------------------------------------- Extended Installation Guide and report information, about driver selecting during the installation with iAtkos S3 v2? LINK BELOW OF THE DESCRIPTION! Extended Installation Guide http://adf.ly/4p5ve - v0.01 Wait 5 sec. - skip ad Updated [/MM/DD/YY] [01/18/12]
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