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  1. Version 1.0.0


  2. Version 1.0


  3. Remove all HDAenablers and appleHDA kexts and install only this kext + dsdt.aml. Nvidia codec is 0x10de0006
  4. jero

    AppleHDA ALC888s v2

    I have acer 6930g, nvidia 9600m GS and alc888s .I try. but not working hdmi!!
  5. jero

    AppleHDA ALC888s v2

    Can i heave DSDT.aml from your Acer ? please ? Thanks
  6. Hello Jero,

    I was wondering. Did you managed to get your internal wireles adapter working with your IOPCIFamily.kext? My Ethernet, iCloud, Facetime and App Store finaly works. The only thing keeping me from a 100% working hackintosh is the internet wireles adapter. I now use an USB wireles reciever.

    kind regards,

    the windows (mac) tweaker

  7. i use VoodooHDA. The original hda is alc888s
  8. no, I didn't make it on my own, but i've been searching for two years.I don't have wireless 5100 on acer, hda,and sleep,if i find these, it will be a real macbook pro.
  9. Version 1.0


    Works!! AttansicL1eEthernet - App store -Face time-icloud
  10. jero


    Thanks Working my Acer aspire 6930g!!!!!
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