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  1. Be willing to bet that your computer came with Windows 8/8.1/10 that only boots in the legacy mode and not eufi. Then you made the mistake of not putting Windows and OS X on separate hard drives. Now your boot loader is all messed up. Mine came with 8/8.1 booting in legacy mode. Clover does real well with setting up and booting UEFI, but then won't boot the legacy. I just switch between legacy and UEFI at boot up depending on if I want Windoze or Mac. But you do have to have separate hard drives. A 1 terrabyte external is only about 70 bucks. Trying to dual boot a single drive with partitions is just too much of a headache. ?
  2. It can be done, but is hard to do. ? Get yourself a second drive and install Yosemite on that. Then just switch boot drives during bootup at the bios setup prompt.
  3. My question would be "Why are you trying to install hackintosh on a Mac-Mini?" ? just install the operating system that came with it.
  4. alaskan

    USB sound.

    Just be different, mainly because I am, I decided to hook up the usb powered speaker pair that my daughter has quit using for her laptop. ? I have tried lots of different kexts and versions of voodooHDA and typing things for enabling HDMI sound at start-up. None were working, or if they did they worked badly. ? First off, this is a homebuilt pc with a MSI? h81m-p33 motherboard. That's an LGA1150 socket for an I-5 processor Gigabyte-Ethernet. Has onboard sound which works very well under Windoze 8.1 but is not recognized at all by OS-X. Weirdly, running Ubuntu's latest incarnation both the onboard sound and the HDMI sound work. ? Anyway, I plugged in the usb connector from the speakers and turned on my computer running OS-X 10.6 in 64bit mode and low and behold and hallelujah we have sound! Crackle free sound. ? You all that are struggling to get sound to work might consider picking up a set of usb-powered speakers and trying it for your-own-self. ? Mine are Maxxtro units. ?
  5. can't help you on Mavericks. Haven't installed it yet.
  6. Type in -v -f -x cpus=1 busratio=20 GraphicsEnabler=Yes at the boot prompt.
  7. Ok. I am really confused. iAtkos V7 is plain old Leopard, right? That is OS-X10.5 iAtkos s3 V2 is Snow Leopard: OS-X10.6 (actually it is OS-X10.6.3) ? Redownload iAtkos s3 V2 image and burn it to a RW disk. Slowly, the slowest possible speed your burner will handle. ? Stick that in your DVD drive and boot from it. ? You will get a chameleon bootloader to begin with. At the prompt type in -v -f -x? arch=i386 GraphicsEnabler=Yes and hit enter. ? That should take you to the Welcome screen. And it takes a while to load. be a little patient, could be up to 10 minutes. The retail disk did the the same thing on the real Macs. ? The retail disks won't boot on an AMD Hackintosh. They are strictly Intel only. ? Snow Leopard 10.6.8 has the mac store.
  8. Sinetek kernel for Lion? ?
  9. You might try to just install it. The specs on your laptop are the same specs as a couple of the mac mini's, and they run Mavericks ok. ? Let me revise this. ? Change your SMBios to a mac mini one. The 9.1 MacBookPro maybe wrong for your setup. ? some stuff is really sensitive to which system they are running on. ? Don't believe you can change the VRam. It is set to 128mb at factory, probably can't be changed.
  10. Don't use sleep. It didn't really work very well on real Macs, so why would it work on real Hacks?
  11. Works with my setup in Lion 10.7.2... excepting utube video.
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