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  1. So that means... you haven't really said a solution only restated my problem. And it's integrated sound.
  2. Hackintosh with ECS-H61H2-M2 motherboard, Got voodooHDA installed but in the pref pane it doesn't pick up my green line rear but only HDMI (monitor) Audio crackles and the volume buttons on the keyboard don't work. Thanks, Andy
  3. My build is as follows; 2x4GB DDR3 1333mHz Ram ECS- H61H2-M2 -Mother board i7 2600 - CPU ATI HD 5670 - GPU I have a hackintosh on this build and have many (little) but annoying problems.. First, when I'm watching youtube to audio crackles. and the voodooHDA prefrence isn't active and doesn't detect me green line out, only HDMI (monitor) Next, I get 1-2 kernal panics upon booting. all going back to CPU x (x = number from 0-8) Finally the volume control on my keyboard don't work for my speakers but do for my headphones.. Please ask any other information if you need to. Help would be loved, so I don't go back to Win 7.
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