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  1. I get lines that end with a row of pluses or "Using reloc... no Hibernate... no" or something similar. How do I tell Clover to use this kernel?
  2. Hi all! Just briefly, I have a laptop running OS X 10.9 that I've used to get U{censored} to make a bootable USB, however when I boot the install, it crashes soon after the apple logo. Trying it again in verbose mode, I get lines that end with a row of pluses or "Using reloc... no Hibernate... no" or something similar. I have included my AMD kernel that I've obtained from here: I've tried the solution listed here: http://www.{censored}.com/el-capitan-desktop-support/173991-big-list-solutions-el-capitan-install-problems.html#CategoryFreeze however that has not helped, nor has booting with a range of flags. Specs are below: CPU: AMD FX-9370 MB: ASRock 990FX Killer GPU: nvidia GeForce GTX 780 3GB OC What do I do?
  3. ? I've already tried to follow his guide, but his post is nigh on unintelligible in some points, and I'm sure he's left gaps. EDIT: The video also attached to the post has been removed. Has anyone else had this problem?
  4. Hey all. ? I've made a bootable install USB using an install of 10.8.4 in a VirtualBox machine, and manage to get to the following: ? ? However, whatever bootflags I try, I always end up with the same goddamn result. I've also tried stipping back all graphics related kexts. I've also stripped back all bar "necessary" kexts, but that resulted in a KP. I've tried a lot, including the following (and combinations thereof): -v-v -x-v -x GraphicsEnabler=no-v GraphicsEnabler=no ncpi=0x2000 PciRoot=0Would anyone be able to help me out? Specs are in my signature. Thanks in advance~!
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