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  1. There have been 11 downloads and no comments yet....this is definitely not ethical...if anybody has used it for broadcom 4313 card on lion...tell us if it worked....please...
  2. Thanx for the suggestion...but I have a bcm4313 card...will this work on lion?? I read somewhere in the forum that this card is officially not supported in osx lion. is it so?? In that case, nothing is gonna make it work, isn't it?? I have already lost almost 1 month trying to get this to work. I have thereby gone back to windows...do you think this kext really stands a chance?? I need a couple of days to get it to work...I am not going to install lion in my internal hard drive, so until i can lay hands on external hdd, i can't tell if it worked...but i will definitely try...thanx..
  3. Guys...can anybody tell me a way to make kexts?? I am stuck with windows just because my wifi card, which happens to be Braodcom 4313, doesn't have a working kext for lion...I soo soo desperately want a mac ....everything worked for me, even my graphics card...and still this one kext has kept me from having a fully functional Mac...I surely can't live without wifi...so please help....what makes it difficult to make a kext for this Broadcom 4313 card??
  4. It was the only kext that forced me to fall back to the good old windows 7....I even had my graphics card working....and yet the bloody dell mini wlan card shattered my dream of a perfect Customac...
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