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  1. buton7

    ATI RADEON HD 4850x2

    nobody said to you that you suck?
  2. buton7

    ATI RADEON HD 4850x2

    Hello, my video card, ATI HD 4850x2 is 1 Gb, the system sees it as 512Mb me, what can I do? thx..
  3. hi, sorry for disturb , pls, i whan i know that your wirless work, i have same laptop samsung r 710.thx

  4. sorry man, just saw a post of yours in the QE/CI radeons patch for 10.6.6.

    wondering what GPU do u have!

    thank you!

  5. Hi, my mac works great now...all becouse of you :) . Now my monitor works on 1440x900. I change my cable conection between pc and monitor. THAT'S ALL. I descovred by mistake. Thax for all, have a nice eavening.

  6. Hi, how are you? i hope fine. Pls, i whant to change my videocard, what you recomand me, pls? A card whitout many problems to install. geforce or ati? thankyou so mutch...have a nice evening.

  7. Thankyou for your advice, will i try, thank's again
  8. Yes i did it, thank's a lott. Have a nice day
  9. thank you so mutch. I did it, mean, i reinstall all, from begening. NOW I HAVE ANATHER PROBLEM, i made update to 10.6.6 and i don't have enymore Open GL for video. gat have idea? t tryd to reinstall patch and driver ati hd 4850, but...nothing change. thankyou again for your time.

  10. Not exist yet a way to flash my bios from Motherboard? ASUS P5P43TD-PRO ?
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