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  1. SOLVED: Turns out while trying to avoid APFS conversion and use HFS, i corrupted installation by following common method to modify the minstallconfig.xml located in target volume>macos install data.... Corrupted my installation, method does not work,. All is good . HFS on High Sierra working great. No Apple File Crap System
  2. Hi, Best approach for me was to just boot into USB and run terminal command from USB... WARNING: modifying the minstallconfig.xml in Target>macOS install data corrupted my installation. I highly do not recommend that approach! Here is CMD for high sierra -- Only change the_target_volume to whatever partition trying to install to... /Volumes/"Image Volume/Install macOS High Sierra.app"/Contents/Resources/startosinstall --volume the_target_volume --converttoapfs NO --agreetolicense
  3. Hi, Dealing with this error, have tried so many things cannot get an installation to work.. It should be noted: I have set minstallconfig .plist in target volume "macos install data" to convertAPFS to false.. I want HFS... I don't think this has any issue to do with this. I tried APFS, no luck either. Here is EFI: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jw6gmvoior6xlsi/AADda1hWKSyUD1Se2DpJUbPKa?dl=0
  4. Hi, Trying to upgrade from Sierra to High Sierra. I format as extended journaled in dusk utility before install and it forces APFS! What is the deal? I don't want APFS. Thanks for any help.
  5. Hi, Must I use NVMe kext patches for high sierra or does it work OBO?? Thank you
  6. Hi, Do I still need trim patch for NVMe?
  7. Hi! I can always count on this forum! Thank you for simple explanation. Works great. NVME drive showing up good.
  8. Hi, How to install NVME drive (CRUCIAL P1) 10.12.6??? Here is guide: https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/312803-patch-for-using-nvme-under-macos-sierra-is-ready/ No one explains how to actually install the patch in clover. Still working? Then how to apply thanks
  9. Hi, Just curious if the OSX86.net Forum is still active? I noticed a big decrease in traffic to this site in the past year. And I'm not seeing any support for 10.13 on here. Kinda dissapointing as i've always loved this forum for Hackintosh. The members on here have helped with with so many installations across 3 hackintosh builds of mine. Peace!
  10. Ky56, Unfortunately I switched over to an MSI GTX 980 4G card. Running 10.12.5 no problems. 775 is quite old but glad to see you've gotten as far as you have. Define what exactly "refuses to work" means. Where is it hanging in boot? I recommend installing the latest web drivers from Nvidia. To do that, since your locked out of your OS, you'll probably have to do some digging around on the forums to see how to do that. It's probably just a matter of copying over Nvidia kexts. Also, look to see what changes were made to 10.12.5 update in regard to graphics. My last recommendation would be to post on insanelymac forum and see what they think.
  11. Rmantech, Your post was more than sufficient. I would also like you to provide your board revision. That is very very important in hackintoshing and most people overlook this. If you can look inside your build and find it, that would be awesome. Also, mention BIOS version. Overall, great work. I highly recommend getting a GPU to put in there, but you must know that the new GTX 10xx Series graphics cards are not supported in OSX yet. Anything up to a 980 ti will work with Web Drivers or even OOB. About SSDT: Since you are using onboard GPU, i don't know if that changes anything. Im pretty confident that it doesn't. Anyway, you can verify the number of P-States/C-States you have with the following method... See this link: CLICK HERE . Under "How to Test Power Management" (NOTE: Admins could remove link for tony crap purposes - let me know if its removed and ill find another way to get info to you) The kext should output something similar to mine. However, your CPU will obviously have a lower max turbo freq (no OC), But it should as many P-states as you see in my photo. These are the frequencies that your system will run at. P.S. Intel Power Gadget seems to be showing SSDT is working somewhat. However, I too am having kind of a problem with my SSDT. Its working but for some reason when Chrome is open, it maxxes my CPU out. Otherwise, it scales fine. Try quitting all Apps and just waiting a few miinutes to see if CPU scales even lower than the image you provided.. But the apple intel info kext is the best method that shows hard data. Nice work on your build btw.
  12. Rmantech, here is how to generate SSDT. 1. Download the terminal shell script (attached) ssdtPRGen.sh 2. Place on desktop 3. Open terminal 4. Type chmod +x [drag script from desktop to terminal window] (dont type whats in brackets lol) . and hit enter 5. type sudo [drag script from desktop to terminal window] and hit enter 6. Enter password 7. When prompted to copy to /Extra, type n for no 8. When prompted to open SSDT.aml type n 9. After complete, the file is located at MAC SSD>USERS>USERNAME>LIBRARY>SSDTPRGEN FOLDER (file is SSDT.aml) 10. Copy SSDT.aml to Clover/ACPI/Patched BOOM done. Reboot and Verify that it is working.
  13. Hi, That's great news, Rmantech. Please post your exact specs. For future reference, you should always post them if you have any questions for forum guys. Also, if you have the same board (assuming you do) i would like you to log your endeavors here. For one, I can help you and two I will benefit from the knowledge, as well as the community. I will answer your SSDT question in a few hours.
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