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  1. Not working on my Acer 5740g. Screen goes black, I actually thought the computer restarted, but it never "appeared" to boot back up. Power light was still on, so I had to hold the power till it turned off. O well, hopefully us Acer users get sleep eventually lol.
  2. Actually, nevermind, it looks like I've had it this entire time! LOL. I just never checked the "clicking" box which enables tap to click. Isn't there an option for more gestures though.. such as navigating pages, 3 finger swipe for mission control, and a few more?
  3. I have an Acer 5740g and I can't get this working. Only two finger scrolling up and down has been working since I've installed Lion, no other gestures, no tap clicking. I don't understand, there is no folder /LIBRARY/PREFPANES, there IS however /LIBRARY/PREFERENCEPANES, so I deleted the Trackpad.prefPane in there and replaced it with the one I downloaded. I also created /LIBRARY/PREFPANES folder with the file inside just in case. I don't understand what the point of putting in that location was if OSX is still reading the original one from /SYSTEM/LIBRARY/PREFPANES. I'm tempted to replace the one in there, but the guide says not to. I've deleted anything that has "PS2" in it, and of course replaced the two texts included in the download.
  4. THANK YOU!!!! IT WORKED!! it took me a week of daily searching, then the past 3 hours of trying to understand hex code and converting to base64. Many errors were ran into, I was just about to quit, then I discovered your 21MB file with the HOW TO in sample files. I was able to plug in my EDID and the rest was copy/paste. THANKS SO MUCH!!
  5. mikeeey


    Works great on my Acer Aspire 5740G-6395! I was looking for a VoodooHDA that also supported my mic. I realized my other one wasn't working when I tried to FaceTime someone and they couldn't hear me. Thanks a lot!!
  6. Installed Chimera, and after the reboot it made it take longer for OSX to load, and now I'm stuck at the main desktop which "appears" to be working (still at 1024x768) but I can't click anything, nothing animates, nothing happens, it's just frozen. Do I need to reinstall OSX now?
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