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  1. Random crashes at boot, I had to switch back to the orignal voodooHDA kext. MB P7P55D-E Pro
  2. works for Asus P7P55D-E LX with Processor i3 540
  3. I think air link USB adapter 6075 is better, I bought one myself.
  4. Hello guys, I am really grateful to this wonderfu site and forum they helped me to get my lenovo Z560 idea pad working in only 3 days The only problem I have is that I need to turn on my wireless card BCM4313. I know how to write drivers on windows. If someone can point me to open source driver I would appreciate that. I believe Lion (10.7.2) turns off my wireless card once it starts my computer. MY H/W config is Lenovo Z560 Processor : i5 VGA : Nvidia 310M RAM : 4GB two banks, there are two more banks but they are empty. Dual boot with windows 7 I first installed iAtkos L2 before doing any thing. I had to use the following kext to get my trackpad to work ApplePS2Controller ( I got it from mac 10.6.8 I had before ) voodoohda_z560 ( to get audio working) I have tried a lot of ethernet kext some of them did not work and others caused kernel panic (KP) finally AppleRTL8169Ethernet.kext is the right one to use for this laptop I used Nvidia Cuda driver for my VGA also it was working just fine. best regards, Mahmoud Fayez
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