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  1. Delete the hidden file ".metadata_never_index" into root directory and run mdutil -i on -E / Solved.
  2. iMac:~ admin$ sudo mdutil -as /: Indexing and searching disabled. /Volumes/Data: Indexing enabled. sudo mdutil -a -i on is not working
  3. Hi! I've some problem with my Mail.app Search in Mail.app is not working. I just type text and nothing happens. So filters are also not working. Spotlight is ok.. It seems to me.. Maybe I'm wrong..
  4. Hi, guys! I've made a bootable USB with Sierra installation. Trying to use it with clover boot loader, but the installation stays on grey screen every time. If I click any button on mouse, so spinning roll of cursor hides. And I see just grey screen. On my HDD I've created a folder 10.12 and placed FaceSMC into it. But it was made after a lot of unsuccessful attempts to install macOS. Flags: -v -GraphicsEnabler=No. So tried to use -x. GCard is ATI and it works on El Capitan without any kexts. Topic is closed. I've just ran Installer from Applications, made all of actions, restarted Mac and choose a Boot Install macOS from Macintosh HD. USB stick not needed.
  5. Спа?ибо, решу полно?тью проблему отпишу?ь зде?ь.
  6. Clover ?ам ?мог заве?ти, надо было только по?тавить флаг Patch HDMI. ? Поправка. Подключены были одновременно два шнурка: один в d-sub, второй в hdmi. Графика завела?ь, отключил d-sub, изображение о?тало?ь, но ?тоит выключить-включить монитор, результат "нет ?игнала". ? Буду пробовать и?кать патч, хот?, думаю, что Clover можно на?троить.
  7. С?ылкой не поделите?ь?
  8. Hi! ? I've got a trouble with HDMI video output on HD 5570. It's not working into Yosemite. ? DVI output is OK. I use native Apple kexts for video. ? Any ideas? ? ?
  9. В?ем привет. ? Графика на борту опи?ана в теме. ? Yosemite запу?кает?? Clover-ом. ? Монитор, подключенный через DVI, работает без проблем. ? через HDMI - "нет ?игнала". Сама ?и?тема загружает??, то е?ть не работает про?то выход. ? Кто ?талкивал?? ? такой проблемой, под?кажите, как запу?тить? ? Кек?ты ?пециально не и?кал, работает на родных apple-ов?ких.
  10. It's done! ? The problem was with JMicron. I think it needs some settings in clover.? ? Now when I've got AHCI mode for all sata ports, I plugged in my ssd to one of these ports. ? Thanks to all!?
  11. ? Thanks! Now I've got ahci mode for all the sata ports.
  12. ? You wrong) My mobos name p5k. That's all. It was a flagman for its time. First model. Your mobo is newer) I have no AHCI mode on my sata ports for example, just on JMicron chip (1 port) ? Look here http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/P5K/specifications/ That's my mobo) ? Now I think I'll buy new mobo.. maybe GA-H81M-HD3. ? It works perfectly with Yosemite and Clover with EFI boot (I use it on my work))) ? Thank you for your help. ? By the way I think it is possible to boot clover on this mobo.. If I understand correctly, Clover can build dsdt when system is booting. Perhaps something wrong here) ? (Sorry for my ugly english)) I'm from RU)
  13. ? It's done. )I have the latest ver. 2999.
  14. I've updated my BIOS, now its ver. 1201. ? SSD is connected through sata port (in AHCI-mode) based on JMicron chip, other sata ports can work just in IDE. P5K is old mobo) ? Clover was installed using different settings (ESP, boot0af, boot0ss..) ? I've tried scripts like "dd if=boot1h of.."... ? And at last there is no result. ? Now I can boot 10.10 (connected via sata) just using flash stick with Chameleon only or directly using Clover but my SSD must be connected via usb) ? I'll try some another ways because "Nothing is impossible"©"Swordfish" ))))
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