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  1. How does this supose to work with 10.6.7 version it self?
  2. please dont make a fake kernel! It got to be real, i need a?apple clean data. ? or windows clean? no apple. im talking shit pie thing. Too bad i read this stuff is Military but its true so im just telling. ? (the wise words young jeezy once told: i see that you dont get your own, its gonna get you hurt)
  3. 10.9.5 shows this error in any way. Needed to use just system kext, framework didnt helped firther. I use chameleon r2377, r2395 same thing. ? done "npci=0x3000 -x -v" ? specs: AMD Phenom x6 1090T Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3 Club3D Radeon HD 6850 Corsair CX600 ?
  4. I need a mavericks version for GA-970A-UD3 1.2 if it's not a whole custom driver.
  5. Works perfectly with AMD Phenom II x6 1090T, Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3 1.2, Club3D AMD Radeon HD 6850 and 10.9.0. ? My steam games run smooth and fast like charm with no loading drops, good sound, no glitches and steam never crashes as it does on my Intel Q9550 ASRock G41C-GS system. ? That's saying it all. ? Real AMD Macintosh!? Thank you!
  6. Works on AMD 1090T, 970A-UD3 1.2 just the sound is crackling with it and desktop text half disappears. Switching to deekay 2.3 kernel solved the sound problem. ? edit: wait thats a N{censored} DirectHW.kext(old dirty solution) problem, and it boots into clean install and with this but i think i've damaged the coreservices. Maybe the kernel is perfect.
  7. There is no perfect kernel for AMD. Only some homemade very buggy ones that you can better use in virtual machine so you can a least drag and drop something in mac format. its like an emulator. and that mainboard is expensive! i would not play with it but just use it for gaming and later it won't even be made anymore.
  8. problem solved here is how and my dsdt IRQ's just weren't fixed and i fixed it with DSDTFixer 1.2.4. and you need the native applehda of the osx version.(very good sound!)
  9. i had purchased ml 10.8.3 too and clean installed it from usb using U{censored} 1.7.0 and its only 17.99 euro! but you need to do that from intel osx, cant do that in windows. i did that from free downloaded one and with free downloaded one U{censored} don't even work only myhack.
  10. i have sapphire 6850 and it works with no flags but only fails at mac installation so i had to delete ATI6000controller kext and put in after installation back. and you also should fix premmisions in disk utility after doing something like that try bootflags npci=x2000 or x3000 and PCIRootUID=0 or 1
  11. nawcom boot cd damaged my ASRock 770 Extreme3. now even bios reinstall don't fix my usb ports and shut down. i dont know if its really nawcom boot cd but my mobo needs replacement now. maybe it was some deep virus.
  12. Version 1.0


    Sorry for unclean DSDT's this one is last, clean and fast. bios settings are: spread spectrum disabled terminal trottle disabled suspend to ram disabled floppy controller disabled every thing else enabled no sleep, shut down and power button problems and games work much faster now. still having some little crashes maybe true mac too and cant get sound to work without voodoohda that i dont want to use.
  13. kernel looks like working but it gets stuck on the word kern and before it blacklist enabled
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