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  1. lost_loven

    asus gt750ti

    I tried various different ways toggling switches in the graphics and in the boot menu. If I did a boot log somehow and posted it here would that be any help? Maybe take a video to show what is happening?
  2. lost_loven

    asus gt750ti

    Ticked off inject Nvidia and still same results. But with patch vbios also ticked off the resolution changed but still same results for only vga and flicker. More suggestions?
  3. lost_loven

    asus gt750ti

    still no go, I download and reinstalled the current web driver and patched and no difference. Screen is still low res and flashing randomly. Just VGA out put, no hdmi or dvi out put Any other suggestions? I even tried a lower web build to see if that would help with no success.
  4. lost_loven

    asus gt750ti

    any hope of a proper install for a asus gt 750ti (i picked up used for $50) and doesn't play well with current el capitan setup. please help or suggest
  5. lost_loven

    out of the box

    I am running el captain .. latest .. what is a good card that will work out of the box? I was looking at MSI GeForce N730. would that work? its around in my budget of 150 cdn. thanks in advance.
  6. Anyone use this adapter before? I have it and works great on my windows side and I can get the connection of 867 mbps but when I boot into El Captain (10.11.6) I can only get a connection rate of 300 mbps . .. I installed various different versions of the software driver and used its uninstaller as well to try and keep it clean but just wont connect no higher! Argh.. I contacted their support and no help at all.. first responce took 11 days and 3 emails.. Still have heard nothing back since I responded to them and its been 20 days now.. Anyhow Could there be a conflict or something with my old usb wifi dongle? If so how would I go about deleting its Kexts drivers? Here is some pics.. Other wise it works great.. I just want the full speed of it Help please.
  7. I have the nvida gt610 and works well. But dual display wont work on it and no mac driver for it.. Great budget card but looking for something as well for bit of a graphic boost as well as dual display. Any suggestions for a hassle free install and a mid range card?
  8. desktop here.. Not sure what the card is.. I could open up the case and see if there is other information card.. I am right now just bring up what is said on windows device manger and? the sysinfo util on osX and pc.? I see the drives for 10.3 to 10.5 out there but nothing up dated since. ?
  9. no good 10.3 to 10.5 .. . might have too look for another pci compatible for both el-captain and win10 other than this usb wifi adapter. Any solutions/ideas? I do have a dual band router feeding other devices in house.? Using a linksys ea4500 dual band router.. been pretty awesome solid device.
  10. anyone have the kext for ?Ralink?RT2790 network card? or how to get it working in el captain?
  11. update!!!!!? on El Captain 10.11.1 not.. used this guide here and worked perfect.. followed it word for word! ? http://www.{censored}.com/el-capitan-desktop-guides/172107-direct-update-os-x-el-capitan-using-clover.html ? Lost my bluetooth but will figure that out soon enough! ? BAM!
  12. hah no kidding.. was just doing that.. just was wondering if you had a good opinion on something. it was like 54 cdn for that carbon clone util.. my wife would kill me just spending money on something that is whim buying lol
  13. right.. I had another 320 gig hard drive kicking around.. formatted it and ready to go. is there more of a free solution to clone the OSX drive ?
  14. gottcha . ok so just clone it to a 20 gig drive and then if anything happens just boot it and clone it back if anything happens..? I have done the same think on pc with nortons ghost. ok and I can just re partition my installed drive 20 or 30 gigs less and do no harm to the installed system leaving it a function mac x system as is right.
  15. ok so its safe then just to make another partition in the existing partition using disk utility? and just the carbon cloner to it then. Doesn't time machine do the same thing or its not reliable?
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