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  1. Folow this thread http://www.osx86.net/notebooks/21292-how-make-myhack-usb-stick-ml-10-8-asus-k52jr.html
  2. Je vais tester ça, si tu trouve pour l'ethernet tu pense à partager, je mettrais a jour le post. Ton DSDT.aml comporté 3 warning que j'ai corrigé, bon ça ne bloque en rien les warning mais tant qu'a avoir un truc bien autant que je corrige quand je peux. Lien
  3. En effet tu as raison il manque juste l'ethernet que je n'ai toujours pas trouvé. J'ai maj mon post pour dire que l'ethernet ne fonctionne pas. If someone have kext ethernet work, can give me. Thx
  4. For core i3 package I have put my DSDT, if you can't boot with it tell me I will try to find why. I have tested but I have core I5
  5. You can follow this threat now and tell me if all is ok http://www.osx86.net/10-8-mountain-lion/21292-how-make-myhack-usb-stick-ml-10-8-asus-k52jr.html
  6. Hello, This is my method for install OSx 10.8 ML on my Asus K52JR. Just Ethernet don't work but wifi work. First you need one of this with min OSx 10.6.8 : - A hackintosh - A mac - A virtual machine for virtual machine you can follow this threat You need also a usb key 8Go or more The original Mountain Lion 10.8 .dmg (you can find them on internet or buy it) Download package that contains all needed files For core i3 : Download Asus_K52JR_10.8_i3.zip Download Asus_K52JR_10.8_i3.zip | Limelinx (Alternative) For core i5 : Download Asus_K52JR_10.8_i5.zip Download Asus_K52JR_10.8_i5.zip | Limelinx (Alternative) Now if you have all needed files and a OSx functional, you can follow this pdf I have make for create your own key. Good luck and if you have question, ask me. Sorry for my English
  7. I have ML on Asus K52JR, I prepare a How To for make your usb key and all needed files.
  8. Hey whats up i have a k52jr laptop and would like to know you install everything thanks in advance

  9. Hey whats up i have a k52jr laptop and would like to know you install everything thanks in advance

  10. LimeLinx - Home - Free File Hosting and Sharing - Audio, Video, Image Used MyHack for make my usb stick. Added the mbr files for install on mbr partition. Copy my extra folder to your extra folder that myhack have created. Copy all kext in system library
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