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  1. a) I'm not entirely sure about the devices, I can tell you that my USB keyboard, USB wireless mouse, external USB3.0 hard drive, USB 2.0 flash drive, and a USB audio adapter (by Creative headset) works, but other than that, I really don't know. [uSB3.0 does work! Well... Atleast it does for me with my other USB 3.0 Hard Drive] Sleep for some reason didn't work for me, but it may for you, if it doesn't just hard reset the laptop and that's your confirmation. (lol) c) If the K56CA has similar specs to the K56CM then by all means! You can do the installation part with ML, however the kexts I'm not entirely sure if they work, but if you want, give it a go! Please be sure to enable the installation of PS/2 drivers before actually installing ML ^^" Because if you don't, and you install onto an external hard drive/flash drive, you will be switching USBs alot... LOL (I ended up reinstalling ML with PS/2 drivers enabled and it made the it SO so so much easier afterwards) [Audio doesn't work and Network such as ethernet and WiFI don't work for me, but it 'may' be different for your CA varient]
  2. Sorry guys for being afk from here, but I have an issue lol, it seems my wakefromsleep doesn't work. But I shall write a guide for you Maxjiro (Please don't expect everything to work correctly @_@) **WARNING** [This is a guide to install OSX 10.8.2 on either External HDD, I haven't installed OSX on my main HDD yet] [THIS WILL WIPE YOUR DRIVE, BACKUP IMPORTANT FILES FIRST] [This will also render your External unreadable by Windows, unless you use Transmac] 1.) Download your Mountain Lion OS (Can be iATKOS ML2, it's what I'm using) 2.) Burn it to a Dual-Layer DVD (the 8GB disc, not the 4.7GB disc!! Because ML is 5GB+) 3.) Now time to prepare External HDD ! 3.a) Whilst on Windows, download this: http://www.ridgecrop.demon.co.uk/guiformat.exe 3. Format External HDD to Fat32 with 4096 allocation size. 4.) Restart Laptop and spam ESC key. 5.) Go to change setting (or something similar) and that will enter BIOS, change these values to what I've listed(Thanks to Piuma): Fast Boot: Disabled Boot: Launch CSM USB: Legacy Enabled XHCI: Disabled Secure Boot Control: Disabled 6.) Save settings and spam ESC again until you see Boot menu. (Make sure you have the iATKOS/ML Disc inserted first!!) 7.) Select the DVD Drive in the boot list so that you boot from DVD. 8.) When it waits for you to press F8 to enter bootup options, press F8, then type: -v -x Hit Enter. 9.) It will take a while, it will also get stuck on a certain part, leave it, don't worry, it will take about 10-20 minutes to boot into installer! 10.) It boots into the installer then wait till you can see 'Utilities' tab on the top, click it and click Disk Utilities, click on your external and goto 'Erase' tab, erase the external to 'Mac Journaled' and call it something like MAC OSX or iATKOS (doesn't matter really), then verify the drive to make sure it is all good! 11.) continue until it prompts you to select the drive you wish to install OSX on, click the external drive, and then click 'CUSTOMIZE', then go to drivers, and find the PS/2 Drivers (VERY IMPORTANT!!!!), check it so it will install, then continue with installation. [Please note that during installation that your monitor may go all white, just click on trackpad! and it should show you the progress bar] 12.) After installing, it will restart, go to the boot menu again, and spam ESC key. select your external this time [Not the UEFI one]. Use boot options -x -v again! 13.) When it boots into Mac, enter whatever user details you want, then it will go to desktop. On the top, select 'GOTO' then 'computer', go to your External HDD, then go to System/Libraries/Extensions folder. Delete the following: 14.) Restart into Windows, don't worry about going to OSX yet. Install TransmacTransMac Mac Disk and dmg Software Details if you haven't, then run it as Admin, it should be the only software where it sees your External. 15.) Download k56cm.zip ? RGhost ? file sharing By Degrus, extract the files somewhere, then in transmac, copy the kext folder to Users/username/Desktop (or download, doesn't matter, just make sure you can get to it easily from OSX) 16.) Download Kext Wizard http://www.osx86.net/view/1604-kext_wizard_3.7.10.html , extract and copy it to Users/username/Desktop. Also download Download Extra.zip from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way extract it and copy to Users/username/desktop (should be _MACOSX and Extra folder) 17.)Reboot into OSX, with boot options, you don't need -x anymore, but -v is useful for finding what it gets stuck on, give it 5-10 minutes to boot (just in case) and then run Kext Wizard, select the drivers inside the kext folder and install them, then after it completes, go to first tab and repair S/L/E cache and permissions. 18.)copy the _MACOSX and Extra folder into your external hard drive (the root directory where you find System), and overwrite anything, reboot back into OSX again and you should get a different boot screen (all white) and just boot. Check 'about this mac' to see if you are getting correct specs showed, e.g: should be something like: 2,79 GHz i7 4GB RAM Intel HD 4000 512MB (Also check if your resolution is 1366x768) 19.) Enjoy everyone, not sure if this will work directly for any other K56CM users, but I hope it does guide some of you
  3. System Info doesn't give that much details on what kind of devices the K56CM runs... It seems that the: 7 Series/C210 Series Chipset Family is used for PCI, Audio, USB controller and for MEI. I've also got 2 unknown devices, one being from intel and it is a Signal Processor or something, the other being the NVIDIA GPU. (Which I guess is fine) The driver provided by Degrus uses ALC270 or something, but my K56CM is not detecting any output devices... :/ [Edit] In the mean time, I have a USB headset for audio, but I'd like my speakers working...
  4. Adding the string to org.chameleon.boot.plist is quite the task, and is also somewhat challenging to newbies like me... so it sort of looks something like: <dict> <key>somethingsomething</key> <string>somethingsomething</string> <key>device-properties</key> <string>7f0000000100000001000000730000000200000002010c00d041030a000000000101060000027fff04002c0000004100410050004c002c00690067002d0070006c006100740066006f0072006d002d006900640000000800000003006601140000006800640061002d0067006600780000000d0000006f6e626f6172642d31</string> <key>Graphics Mode</key> <string>1366x768x32</string> Now I'm not even sure if this is the way to do it lol, so excuse me in advanced... noway, can you CopyNPaste yours so I can get a general idea of what I'm doing wrong/right? Thanks Okay got HD4000 successfully detected!! iHackintosh_PT Downloading this at replacing my boot.plist (copying all the folders except extensions in Extra) K56CM successfully recognizes GPU as: Intel HD Graphics 4000 512MB VRAM 1366 x 768 Resolution @ 32-Bit Color !! Wooh !! Now I need to fix-up Network and Audio, then this Hackintosh Laptop is complete!
  5. Hmm seems confusing, do you know what string I need to add for a i7-3517U w/Intel4000 ? Also, I want to look for Sound/Ethernet drivers as those don't seem to work [Yet], do you by any chance, know the models?
  6. Alrighty! Re-installed iATKOS ML2 onto my External Hard Drive again. This time, on customization menu, I enabled iATKOS to install PS/2 drivers, and it worked! Then first booted into safemode (-x) [i tend to use -v when either booting up normally or with -x, because it tells me what's up and what happens when booting ] Deleted all the .Kexts you recommended mungwa, and then with Kext Wizard, I installed Desgrus's K56CM Driver pack, rebuilt Cache and drive permissions. Reset, then voila, all working! *Except! [When looking at the "About this Mac" menu.] Processor = 2.39GHz Intel Core i7 (Good, good, I believe OP couldn't get his speedstep working and was stuck on 1.78GHz) Memory = 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 (The extra 4 is my personal upgrade! ^^) Now the problem is Graphics = Unknown 64MB of Shared System Memory This also leads to having only 1024x768 as my only choice for resolution :/ I'd also like the picture of the Mac Pro to be a Macbook instead... But that's just me being fussy [i guess you can call this a mini guide for other K56CM users, LOL] [Edit] Ethernet doesn't seem to work!!! D: Eh .__. Looks like I need to get myself a $10 WiFi card lol. And audio ... hmm..
  7. I'd like dual booting with one hard drive, but I'm not so keen on re-installing Windows 8 if I have to reformat the whole drive ... lol Swapping hard drives in the K56CM is real simple, however as it's a ultra thin one, it only has space for one hard drive I did however upgrade the RAM to 8GB! And only for $25AUD too!
  8. Hmm, looks like something may have went wrong, but I don't think it was your suggestion (I think it probably was something to do with KB{censored} being bad), I'll re-install OSX and then just go ahead and try your method from scratch.
  9. Thanks for that, Also, it seems that KB{censored} crashes upon installation completion. after install, it says its all good, then goes to fade abit and says "you must restart your computer, hold power.... blah blah" I'm assuming that this is not working so I'm going to need to find another way to install Kext, I was thinking that it would install nicely in safemode (that's -x upon bootup I think), I'm using kexts from Degrus rar file, which includes: AppleACPIPlatform.kext AppleHDA.kext AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext ApplePS2Controller.kext ApplePS2ElanTouchpad.kext AppleSmartBatteryManager.kext ar9285.pkg (Not using at the moment, as I still have the stock WiFi card.) RealtekR1000SL.kext He say's that all the features work for him with these files, so I'm hoping the same And I'd like to ask a question about the MAC OS Partition on my laptop, I heard that if you install OSX if you already got windows on the same drive, it will come up with some sort of Boot manager problem, now that sounds pretty scary seeing as though this new laptop didn't come with System Restore disks... If that weren't a problem, I'd probably do another clean install of OSX onto the partition, would you recommend any Kexts to be installed beforehand via Customize? (iATKOS ML2 Disk). [Edit] I've also heard of MB{censored}, do you think any kexts from there may help? [Edit2] I shall try out Kext Wizard ! Thanks
  10. Hmm, can you tell me how I'd go around deleting Nvidia kexts (sort of new to this thing) I think I sort of know that S/L/E is somesort of file directory, but that is it LOL.... Also do you know what sort of names the kexts may be called under? Thanks again!
  11. Thanks! Also, I managed to get OSX booted from External HDD, and surprisingly, its working, I'm having issues with inbuilt keyboard and mouse, but hopefully some kexts fix that. Can only boot into with -x I've already shrinked some of the partition via Windows, so is it any different from GParted, or am I going to have to resize with GParted? and with the Virtual Thing, I've tried VirtualBox and that does not seem to work I may have another crack at it though.
  12. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to install ML on a harddrive with MBR (Windows 8 installed already)? My hard drive has two partitions, 1 for Windows 8 OS and another for general Data. Both should be NTFS. Now I want to know is, if it is possible to have a MAC OS Extended format with the two already existing partition? I've been seeing mixed opinions on it, and honestly it is quite confusing >_< *installing on external in mean time @_@* So close to having ML on my K56CM D: Also can anyone confirm if degrus kexts files for K56CM work? Thanks
  13. So is it like, really hard to install OSX with only Windows-based systems? Most guides say one of the prerequisites is to already have a OSX machine (being either Hackintosh, or an actual Mac) But I don't have one (yet, hence the want to install ML on my K56CM). I'm in the process of 'dd'ing the iATKOS ML2 iso onto my external hard drive, so far been getting "Error opening output file: 32 . . ." So researching about it now. [EDIT] Alright managed to start 'dd' successfully, by closing explorer.exe in task manager, looks like it will take ages. Also I can access AHCI, it is already set to it, it's just that trying to set boot order it most of the time only has the option called 'Windows*something*', I think it is a controller option or something, I did get it to show options for HDD, CD ONCE, but I'll try to recreate that later, not sure how I did it though lol. [EDIT 2]Figured out that on Bios startup, ESC goes to boot menu, then you can select bios settings from there. @__@" Burned iATKOS ML2 to a Dual-Layer DVD with transmac. Used boot options: -v -x and it's stuck on BootCacheControl : Unable to open /var/db/BootCache.playlist : 2 No such file or directory Apparently for someone else it hanged on that for about 10-20 minutes and then continued, so I'll try that.
  14. It seems that no one has a guide on installing OSX on a windows 8 laptop :/ I can't even get my K56CM to boot from USB because it is that complicated. (Gah, Windows 8) even at bios startup, there is nothing stating what key is pressed to enter bios. (So I goto PC settings>General>restart to advanced) @mungwa, You're gonna have to wait on someone who can actually deliver and bring us a proper guide on this.
  15. Hey Guys! Has anyone yet to make a guide on installing 10.8.2 on a Windows 8 certified laptop? (Or more specifically, if possible, a guide on the K56CM Series of ASUS laptops) I've installed Hackintosh on my PC, but I have a Windows 8 certified K56CM laptop and I'm not so sure on what the installation process is, as there is obviously different bios and that sort of thing. From reading a couple posts on other threads, it would seem that the WiFi controller that comes with a K56CM Laptop is not supported (yet) and people wanting WiFi would need to replace their WiFi with a AR9285 WiFi card. Apparently the GT635 is not compatible with 10.8.2 because Macs don't support dual GPU systems. (Two different kinds, in this case, HD4000 and GT635) So a kext (or something) is required so that only the HD4000 GPU is used. Also, regarding partitioning, I'd like to dual-boot Windows 8/Mountain Lion if possible, just in case the ML OS screws up in anyway. Would that mean re-sizing the hard drive so that there is about 20-30 GB of unused space? (K56CM laptops being ultra thin, only comes available with one hard drive slot, so it is impossible to add another) Any information regarding this would be greatly appreciated not only for me, but for other users of similar laptops! Thanks! [Edit] If anyone is willing to make a guide, hope I'm not asking much, but can you make it as detailed as possible? (from including things like boot commands, kexts installed, that sort of things)
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