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  1. i got mine fixed by using patched?AMD4800Controller.kext and ATIRadeonX2000.kext made by nyolc8 on insanelymac.
  2. apparently loads of changes are made to graphics driver in this update. unfortunately for me i didnt keep a copy of the vanilla kexts. Can someone upload/send me a copy of unmodified version of these 2 files? I'll see what i can do about patching them ? AMD4800Controller.kext ATIRadeonX2000.kext ? thanks!
  3. Been looking everywhere for an updated patch. Couldn't find any. Been looking for proper way of patching the vanilla kexts as well. Only found stuffs where you have to put in your vendor and device ID in the kexts (tried this loot time ago but as far as I remember it doesn't activate qe/ci). Anyone knows any guides available? Also please let us know if you come across a patch for 10.9.2
  4. Dear all, ? I've been running up to 10.9.1 fine with my setup, updated to 10.9.2 today and couldn't get my graphics (ATI4890) to work as it is supposed to be.? ? I can't boot into the GUI with GraphicsEnabler=Yes flag but I can with the flag set to No. Obviously i get crappy resolution and no QE/CI. ? Of course I've replaced the exotic patch kexts and tried others floating around on the interweb but none worked. ? Is anyone having the same problem or did I screw up and I'm the only one? ? Thanks for any input.
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