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  1. Version 2.0.1


    AMD Installer for 10.7.x, 10.8.x, 10.9.x and 10.10.x All credits for the kernel goes to the AMD Development team of Andy Vandijck, Bronya, Sinetek and Tora Chi Yo. Packaged with the latest kernels and some needed kexts. This package makes it easier for AMD users to install the latest kernels and some fixes for their systems.
  2. Ermm I didn't say post it here but ok. The latest can always be found at InsanelyMac downloads. I keep it updated with the latest kernels etc. ? @masterzep, It is an installer with kernels for 10.8 and 10.9 and a few needed kexts.
  3. Shaneee

    10.8.5 AMD Kernel

    ? You can force install with the Pacifist App
  4. 3,950 downloads

    Bronya's final kernel for Mountain Lion. ATI and nVidia graphics are fully supported. Most CPUs work with this kernel. AMD support at InsanelyMac. If needed you can enable the blacklister using the boot flag -blacklist Credits to Bronya, AnV, Sinetek.
  5. It wont play the sound on boot. When I load the bin file in terminal I get?Carillon started then?Error loading VoodooHDA.kext Will try the debug version ? Debug version output -?http://pastebin.com/9znGDxjp ? Edit: I worked out why its not loading.. Its a non-root process so its not loading VoodooHDA during boot. How can I fix this? ? If I load the bin in Terminal I get?Error loading VoodooHDA.kext and it plays but if I run it as Sudo I get?Loaded VodooHDA.kext and it doesn't play.
  6. Ahh no I didn't. Will try it later on and report back. Will be testing it on Lion.
  7. After chaning from AppleHDA to VoodooHDA and building with xCode and making the pkg it still wants to load AppleHDA.
  8. Will this work with VoodooHDA? If not will changing main.m code from?com.apple.driver.AppleHDA to the VoodooHDA equivalent line work? ? Can you please include the source for the?Carillon bin file as well as I'm guessing that includes a sound file?
  9. @vimpreal I use this one, http://www.osx86.net/view/2602-applenforceata_snow_leo-lion_32-64bit.html @AndrewPro I am glad it works for you. There are some errors with the opemu at the moment but bronzovka is looking into it. This is the reason for glitchy graphics.
  10. The graphics bugs are in the kernel. A fix is being investigated.
  11. @Sessiz36 did you use the boot flag -nossse3bit
  12. @vimpreal Do you have a NForce Chipset? You need AppleNForceATA or ATIATA in 64-bit
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