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  1. Version L1


    I use this for my MSI G41M-G26 Motherboard and I tested for all OS x since 10.6.x to 10.9 Use Kext Utility to install, be sure to delete ALXEnthernet kext from Extra folder.
  2. Did you made it install on your sattelite? because i didn't. I just hear the intro song, my display goes black...
  3. So, my ethernet kext is not good? should i unninstall it and find an alternative? I will try firs unnistall ALX and see what is going on, thanks for your reply
  4. Every time i watch something on youtube, i got this:
  5. Anyone knows a multi display manager for mountain lion? because switchrezx doesn't save any settings for me since i upgraded from lion, I'll really appreciate if you know some sollution for my problem.
  6. Thank both of you, Rene's soluttions did WORKED! thank you so much! Have a nice day! Thread Closed.
  7. Hi, my name is Gabriel, I just installed OSX ML on my pc, is not my fist time doing this, I have just one problem: my sound. First of all i have an sound blaster that is not supported, that I now don't use it anymore, I now use my onboard sound and it have one problem, I can't use volume control, I mean, I can use it but is not working it's very annoying because I always have to set up it from PCM in voodoo HDA. I have to mention that in Snow Leopard and Lion, I had the same problem, please tell me that is an solution, because I love making beats in reason and I need that volume control to work. Have a nice day!
  8. VoodooHDA is the kekx for my audio hardware. I can't change the sound sound volume, sorry for not telling you that.
  9. Hi, I am new to this "hackintosh" world so I need some help. Alright, I've searched for this problem already but i could't find any solve for it. I CANT change the volume, in application and other stuff works, but the volume in "start bar" don't work, don't know why, I have voodooHDA kext, please help. Thank you !
  10. I wonder if there is any kext for my sb audigy, I tried for a couple of days searching it with no succes, if any of you guys know where to find it, please help me. Ven ID: 1102, Dev ID: 0007. Thank you.
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