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  1. If you say so... Then go with "Tony"! But, for the record it says nowhere that is exclusively for M Lion. Trust me it works for both Lion (10.7) and M Lion (10.8). (TESTED!) It even has some features for Snow Leopard (10.6) and Leopard (10.5) (Anyway you can do all that tools do manually... )
  2. YES! delete all 4 (except for the AppleHDA.kext (you can make a backup of this one (just in case) (copy it to desktop)), are 3rd party kext and can be reinstalled easly) Here is all you need for your board (10.6 Snow Leopard)! Before using a Kext delete any duplicates in Extra/Extensions or System/Library/Extensions ! Snow Leopard Install for Asus P6X58D Premium - InsanelyMac Forum - Page 3 (post #59)!
  3. DSDT? (what it is) DSDT - OSx86 (the file that it's used is dsdt.aml and goes in Extra folder) (with proper extracted/patched dsdt file you can make sleep work and use a minimum of additional kexts) If you use VoodooHDA.kext version 2.7.2, it will work fine (tested) (DON'T use other patched kexts when using it!) (if you deleted those two kexts already install it and see! USE Kext Utility (or similar) to install (properly) the kexts. To delete them just trash them.
  4. Maybe you didn't do the steps correctly?! Or the partition is set to be hidden in org.chameleon.Boot.plist?! Lots of reasons... But, to simplify things, if you have an usb stick (it works for "the partition thing" too; if formatted correctly etc) (8GB it's okay), you can use this simple "tool" to make your stick/partition, then upgrade to Lion (10.7) X-Flash for OSx86 - Downloads - OSx86.net
  5. What was the method of installation (OS X)? Which version are you using (OS X)? Most probably you had one of this two combos -patched AppleHDA.kext (or vanilla (untouched) until 10.6.2 (Snow Leopard)) + HDAEnabler.kext (or similar) + LegacyHDA.kext ("injector")(or similar) or - patched AppleHDA.kext (or vanilla (untouched) until 10.6.2 (Snow Leopard)) + patched dsdt for ALC889 + LegacyHDA.kext (or similar) So, if AppleHDA.kext was replaced by updates (because it does) you need to use the previous patched one or patch the newly replaced. (Or use VoodooHDA.kext version 2.7.2)
  6. Hi,

    I've just installed ML on my hackintosh. everything seems to work fine except for Facetime, iCloud and App Store. I've been looking for fix for quite sometime now but still no luck. The problem is whenever I edit my org.chameleon.boot.plist, adding ethernetbuiltin key gives me black screen when I reboot. Any advice. Thanks in advance.

    Asrock pro4-m


    i5 3570

    G.Skill 2400 8GB

  7. The section was "on top" of the forum for a long time, but due to some "modifications" John made some time a ago it is now "on the bottom" of the forum (kinda hard to spot, I agree with you). Ask all you desire here: General Discussion Here is another section where you can post Mac related questions: Macintosh Support Forums I think this will answer your question: Why ?OSx86 Distros? are bad. | myHack
  8. Snow Leopard 10.6 or better 10.6.3 Retail Disk and Nawcom ModCD. Nawcom ModCD 0.3.2 - Downloads - OSx86.net
  9. hello

    can you help me please :/

  10. Boot in verbose mode " -v " and see the message. (kernel panic) The installer? how is that related? Is the installer on the same disk with OS X (installed). Are they using the same "Extra" folder? Without additional info, i could only guess... Keep in mind that the dsdt file should be named " dsdt.aml " and be placed in "Extra" folder. "Extra" folder should be on root partition.
  11. If it is in Extra/Extensions > trash it > empty Trash > Reboot If it is in System/Library/Extensions > trash it > empty Trash > Reboot !!! Before the reboot, "Rebuild Cache". Use Kext Utility http://www.osx86.net/view/2514-latest_kext_utility_10.8_ready.html/
  12. Sleep should work fine on most motherboards after using a proper dsdt file. Now, i don't know your method of installation or what "additional" kexts (not stock) are you using. But, if NullCPUPowerManangement.kext is present, the sleep will probably won't work. (AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext won't be loaded) Edit: on some motherboards they wake up from power button!!!
  13. The dsdt.aml file doesn't need any installation. After you saved the file (on Desktop for example), making sure that the the dsdt was extracted and patched correctly (no errors, no warnings), you need to copy it to "Extra" folder on / root partition (where OS X is installed) (mounting point). Info: DSDT - OSx86
  14. Better, here: (If you don't want to add any "Patch", then skip that, and "Compile".)
  15. Sorry, my mistake... Link (correct one): Java for OS X 2012-004
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