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  1. sorry for to late.. i'll check your file.
  2. Hey, can you please help me fix my DSDT? i've already posted my own dsdt at?http://www.hackintoshosx.com/file/4035-acer-aspire-v5-471g-dsdt-fix/, mine is the Acer Aspire V5-471PG w/ Core i5, HD4000, and GeForce 710m.... thanks! :)?

  3. here in mine.. my amd 5570 was detected as amd 6510 in system profiler and no qe/ci enable. i still find any solutions.
  4. set your boot.plist with GraphicsEnabler=Yes repair kextcache with chameleon wizard or other app u like.
  5. nice stuff, anyway.. how to build your source to a pkg installer? i need to know the process too.. thanks.
  6. upload your dsdt here, may be i can fix for you.
  7. 665 downloads

    Dsdt for Acer Aspire V5-471G, Dsdt taken with this spec : - IntelCore i3 - 4Giga Ram - Nvidia GT620M & Intel HD3000 Fixed with : - Eliminate any error warning, remain 2 warning from a lot of warning message. - Add Intel HD 3000 dsdt patch to make it works natively without kext patch. (if u use chameleon or chimera, use IGPEnabler=Yes option, if your GFX still doesnt have QE/CI). - Add Intel HD 3000 Patch for 1366x768 reso - Rename GFX0 to IGPU - Brightness slider patch for GFX - Add any patch for USB/USB3 Multiplex - DTGP added with Audio Dsdt Patch (if u plan to use applehda patch, choose Mirone codec patcher here) - HPET Fix Credit : - RehabMan for DSDT Patch repo. - MacIASL creator SJ_Underwater
  8. U can ignore the error for a while, u can rebuild kext cache manually with kext utility or other similar tool. i'll fix it later.
  9. Version -1.9.3


    Absolutelly, this packages is to make Ati HD 4650 and Ati HD 48xx works with QE/CI in Mavericks 10.9.3 Enjoy it. if it's works.. dont forget to give a rate and leave any comment. Happy Hacks. Notes : When u see error message after installing the packages, ignore it.. it's just error when script call Kext Utility. You can rebuild kext cache after install the packages. i still dont have time to fix it. happy hacks..
  10. My Desktop ? ? For The Wall [ forgeted where the place i get it]
  11. I am actually quite embarrassed, because my computer specs is quite ancient. but I only participated.. Osx version: 10.9.2 Clover version:Clover v2k_r2652 (always update). Theme: Shield. Clover installations: Default installation for Legacy Bios CPU:?Intel CoreDuo E2200 @2.2GHz RAM: 3 GB DDR2 Mixed Motherboard:GIGABYTE@ GCM-945-S2C Audio-Onboard: Realtek ALC6622 (AppleHDA by Mirone) GPU 2:PCI-E@ Geforce 8400GS. Mac Model(Smbios):Mac Pro 3,1 Boot flags(Arguments): -v Patches:Custom DSDT Fix by PJALM ,Custom SSDT, AppleRTC. Config.plist: config.plist.zip
  12. Ozzy,, can you share your battery kext did u used here..
  13. Thanks rene.. especially for Conty. this is great stuff!!
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