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  1. iCore 5 should work. Plenty of RAM and disk space
  2. hayduke

    Run OS X

    Yeah start with a Mavericks distro and work your way up until it breaks, then step back
  3. Hey Now, So I'm trying to install El Capitan onto a HP Pavillion G7 laptop. I'm pretty sure it will work as i've gotten Mavericks and Yosemite to run on it before. Hardware: iCore 3 2350 Intel HD Graphics 3000 8 GB DDR3 1333 RAM 1 TB HD It has built-in WLAN but I've never gotten it working PNY 32 GB USB drive Software: U know who beast 6.1.1 Clover v2.3 r3330 El Capitain 10.11.2 Problem: I erased the USB drive, formatted it did the install using U know who beast. I used the UEFI version of Clover with the Intel 3000 Graphics I slot it into the laptop and boot Clover with the following args: dart=0 -v -x It fires up, but I don't get the usual verbose mode. Just the Apple logo with a progress bar below it that never moves. What am I doing wrong?
  4. Hey Now, ? I've had a Hackintosh desktop running for over a year and it's been running fine. ? OS X 10.8.5 Mountain Lion, have been avoiding any updates because it's nice and stable.? ? All of a sudden the other night it quit connecting. When I check the Networking System Settings, it says the Cable is unplugged. Weird part is all my other networked boxes are connecting just fine.? ? So my question is: Is there an analytical tool that can tell me what kexts are loaded, what kexts I'm missing and what I need for networking? ? I had one at one point but deleted it because my rig was stable, figured I didn't need it anymore. Dumbass, I know.? ? - hayduke
  5. Hey Now, ? Has anyone gotten Intel HD Audio working with OS X 10.9 DP7?? I had the VoodooHDA working when my laptop was running OS X 10.8.3, but I forgot which rev of VoodooHDA I was running.? ? Little help guys???
  6. Tried that. No go. Ended up wiping the drive clean and starting over with myHack 3.2 and Mavericks DP1. I'll keep you posted.
  7. I have 4 partitions on the one drive on my laptop so I unmounted them all but the Marvericks volume. Tried that with sudo and I get 'command not found' Without sudo I get 'No such file or directory' I'm thinking they changed the directory structure with Mavericks. I'm downloading DP2 now, I keep you posted. Thanks for your help. ~hayduke
  8. Thanks Rene. Tried that and if I boot without the USB drive I get: Boot0:GPT Boot0:done Boot1: error With the USB drive I can hit F8 and get a boot menu. So it looks like something is not getting handed off in the Boot1 stage.
  9. Hey Rene, Yeah, used myHack 3.1.2 with Mavericks DP1. HP Pavilion G7-2247 3110-M iCore3 2.39 Ghz 1 TB WD Drive (4 Partitions) 8 GB GSkill RAM Pretty sure the HD controller is stock Intel. The InsyeH20 BIOS doesn't have a ton of options. I'm pretty sure my problem has to do with getting the .boot file one the EFI partition I have yet to figure out how to get a Hackintosh to work without a USB drive or having to manually add boot aurgs ~ hayduke
  10. I'm in sorta the same boat as rayman. I tired the myHack Chameleon install and it didn't work. "Install Chameleon on the drive with the 4K sector In Disk Utility find the Disk Identifier (eg. disk1s2). Unmount the drive! In terminal type: sudo dd if=/usr/standalone/i386/boot1h of=/dev/disk1s2" That doesn't work either.
  11. Nope, meant the 2nd one. Thanks Rene. I was getting it confused with Chameleon Wizard. Have a better one, - hayduke
  12. Hey Now, I used to have a utility that would scan the system and tell you Kexts you had, how they were working and what Kexts you needed. I can remember the name and I could really use it for my build. Thanks, ~ hayduke
  13. Hey Now Dennis, Step me through what you're doing. You boot the rig and then? ~ hayduke
  14. Ah. Try rebooting your rig. Once you get past the POST and BIOS started hitting the F8 key. It should come up with a boot arguments prompt. Try typing: -v -x cpus=1 and then hit the enter key. Your .plist file should be in your /Extras folder FYI - This OP was never about Champlist crashing, it was about getting Intel HD 4000 to work, but I'll be glad to help you anyway I can. Paying it forward from noway
  15. To me that doesn't look like it has anything to do with the HD 4000 graphics, have you tried booting with the "cpus=1" arg? Posting your .plist file might be more helpful
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