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  1. It turns out I had a bad MoBo. After replacing it with a new one I got sound up and running on the first try. Thanks for the help, just thought I would update my post.
  2. Question, when I edited the DSDT.aml with this, I replace the current code of HDEF and don't just add this code in addition to the code that's already in there, right? Please help, when I bring up audio in system preferences I get "No input devices found". I've tried every different Kext file I can find and DSDT edit including this one over the last week and I can't get it to recognize my audio. I'm running a GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3 with an i3 2125 and HD3000. I installed Lion off a USB drive using U{censored} and it comes up 10.7.3, no need to update. Any help would be great, thanks!
  3. Thanks, Kyndder. I've tried all of the VoodooHDAs before with no help for my audio, but I haven't tried using the MacBook Pro8,2 SMBios, up till this point I've only used the Macmini one. I'll give this a shot when I get off of work this evening and let you know what happens.
  4. I'm still fairly new to Hackintosh and this is my first build, so any help would be appreciated. First, this is what I'm running: Gigabyte Z68MA-D2H-B3 with F9 BIOS Intel i3 2125 Integrated graphics HD3000 4GB 11333 MHz RAM (Would like to use 8GB once I get it running) The Problem(s): In a nut shell: • No Audio (No output devices found) • No Quicktime • No HDMI or VGA video support (will only display using DVI) The long end of it: I have tried installing both Snow Leopard and Lion hoping I could get one of them to work. I can install both, but I can't get the audio to run in either. Under system preferences/sound it says there is no output device installed. Snow Leopard was updated to 10.6.8 (but, has a problem loading—I have to put the system to sleep with the power button and then wake it to show the desktop once it's loaded. I also noticed in the install, it never runs the "welcome video") and Lion was 10.7.3, which seems to load just fine without iB{censored} minus sound. I've tried for days different combinations of Kext files and DSDTs (including altering some of the DSDT code based on several tutorials) to no avail. I should also mention, Quicktime doesn't work, but from everything I've seen in these forums, this is more than likely caused by my audio issues. The only other thing, which may or may not be related is that DVI is the only output I can get to work. Both VGA and HDMI don't work. I'm wondering if I have something set in the BIOS wrong? I used the basic settings suggested by {censored}, but wonder if I need to adjust something else. I've done a clean install several times for both OSs with nothing changing. I've thought about getting a cheap USB audio card, but I'm not sure this will clear up my other problems. Again, any help would be great, this build is actually for my girlfriend (which is not very happy at the moment) who couldn't afford to buy a Mac. I'm hoping if I get this fixed I'll update from my current iMac to an i7 build. Thanks.
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