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  1. ive tried just about everything with this card and nothing seems to work if i boot normal its gets stuck just about when desktop should appear if i boot with -v -f it loads fine but no driver gets loaded if i boot with -x then driver loads fine but its safe boot so no good?? any idea ? .? motherboard is Z77 DS3H ( crossfire )? when its booting i can see that it finds ATI cape verde for HDMI audio? so it obviously recognises card and all ID`s ? ? Ive tried? 10.9? 10.9.1? 10.9.2 10.9.3 10.9.4 now 10.9.5?? all giving same results
  2. ok thank you ill give it a try? , fingers crossed? its weird because im seeing ever other 270x working?? , 1 thing i did notice on boot also was an error? cant open pci device? whatever that could be
  3. Thanks a lot ill give it a shot ,,,, at moment i just reinstalled im on 10.9.2 at mo and still no driver getting loaded so still no acceleration , on boot pu i notice tho 1 [error] unable to locate ATY,Bin_image , any idea? , also im trying chameleon in EFi partition and at boot? im getting unsupported ati card? with ids? , Ids for my card are?? ? Id????????????????????????????? ? 6810 Vendor ID ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1002 Subsystem Id??????????? ? 9275 subsystem vendor Id? 1682
  4. okay thanks i wasnt sure the deafult 1 from clover is setting me up as an late 2011 model ( imac )
  5. Thanks guys for the assistance ,,, i have two copies? of my dsdt patched now and still same results? would the smbios have anything to do with it ?
  6. Still same result , think ill reinstall 10.9.3 fresh and start from scratch?? definetly a puzzle? thanks for the help ill let you know whats happed after i reinstall
  7. yeah Id? is 0x68101002 ( 270x )
  8. Still no joy? im? really puzzled
  9. Updated to 10.9.4? still no change ,,,?? with or without DSDT everything seems to be same maybe patch is in wrong place in dsdt i dont know im just clutching at straws really because if its working out of the box im just puzzled as to why no acceleration? ? Thanks for all your assistance
  10. Updated to 10.9.4 and no change just exac same still not loading AMD7000controller is wierd? card works fine aswell jus cant get that acceleration enabled
  11. ok ill update to 10.9.4? and see how that goes? , it wouldnt be anything to do with bootloader? would it ?
  12. it works just fine apart from no acceleration so its got me puzzled to ,, ill give that a try and see how it goes ? ? thanks
  13. yes i just looked now and it is in there?? 68101002? ,,,?? i notice to your versions are 1.2.8????? mines are 1.2.2
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