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  1. Hi! What about idevices with A5 and higer CPU, there are no tools yet to make ssh ramdisk???
  2. vscvlad

    asus p43e

    Hi! Thank's for.. Some kext's I'm already found. Atheros Ethernet and audio, voodoohda(I am change hardware Id in kext package) Hope for video kext's and CPU, Still have cernel panic with DSDT and cpu's kext I'm try.. Try.. Ty.. (Sorry for my English)
  3. vscvlad

    asus p43e

    Hi everyone! A Few day's ago i'm install 10.7 on my laptop - it's great! but none next won't work with my hardware i'm tired of looking for them... Please help me:confused-new:!!!! my config: CPU: Core I3 2310M Chipset: HM65 Video: Intel HD 3000 - No Kext WiFi - intel - No kext Audio RLT al269SM - No Kext(VoodooHDA - 2.7.4 changed HardwareID - Work) Ethernet - Atheros AR8151 - Bluetooth - intel IO I have DSDT of my laptop
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