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  1. 0xbb

    OS X 10.8x IntelBootCD-clover.iso

    Avast detect a Virus... :confused:
  2. 0xbb

    Atom kernel for 10.8.2

    Reboot. On Atom.
  3. 0xbb

    AMD Lion 64-Bit Kernel

    "'amd has bad magic number" iATKOS L2.
  4. I will try tomorrow and I'll tell you the result!
  5. Hi! Well, it's write that it work with 10.8. Should I inject the kext inside the installer ? http://www.osx86.net/view/2539-intel_hd_graphics_latest.html Have a nice day.
  6. Hi!! I have an Acer laptop. Here is my config. Sorry, it's in French. Configuration de Résumé I think I have Intel HD Graphics 1000. GMA 5700. I can get custom resolution and a few accelleration with nmano's kexts. For example, launchpad don't lag. So, can I put ML? :/
  7. Thanks you so much for reply. I've been try, and no luck, it reboot.
  8. Hello all, first thanks for reading this and sorry for my bad english. I have 10.7 on my PC (Intel Pentium P6100, Intel HD Graphics) Everything work except QE/CI, I used N{censored} 10.7 with intel kernel for install. I put N{censored} 10.8 on USB key. When I try to boot, it reboot. I use the latest Chameleon build, and I tried with those mach_kernel : intel, ss3, sse. Can you help me? I really want Mountain Lion. Thanks!!!