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  1. hi.i cannot write a guide as i am not an expert.but i can tell you from my experience that its possible to run mavericks on this motherboard.this is how i have succeeded.bios version used is 1.0 first release.i have also used a dsdt 1.20 that i have found on this site.my hack to install lion and mountain lion.then i have downloaded maveriks as an update but couldnt do an update.so i used my hack to install it and i have succeeded.the first time i have booted using -f.i hope that this will help you.
  2. i just want people to know that it's possible to install mavericks on this motherboard.you only need to use bios version 1.0 the first one issued.sorry for my bad english.you need as well to change some bios settings.i am using nvidia video card.gt 8500.256mb.and use my hack for installation.just for sharing.thanks for this marvelous site.bye. ?
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