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  1. This solve problem with HDMI shutdown graphics? I have this card working in VGA mode, but with i connect DVI->HDMI stop to work after LOGO APPLE, before login screen. This patch fix HDMI problem?
  2. I have this card with DVI-I x 2 but i use DVI-> HDMI converter. In 10.7.3, work with normal driver 700.XX only in VGA MODE. Impossibile to get HDMI. Who know how to enable hdmi mode?
  3. Hi, i changed my 2 monitor yesterday... Before i got 2 Acer 19+17' connected Dvi->dvi (analog).. All working good. Now i buyed 2x "samsung S24A350H".. with HDMI + VGA cable. My card has only dvi-i connector (and i need to connect with dvi->hdmi" cable cause i use same in other OS) I installed my pc: Gigabyte ex58-up4p Asus Engts250 1gb Dark Knight using "kakewalk" last version. I made my "USB Stick 8GB", installed my OSX in HD, reboot Connected DVI-> VGA adaptor and connected to 1 monitor in vga (no dual) I updated to 10.7.3 with combo and patched with "kakewalk". Installed nvidia driver 700.xx for 10.7.3 ALL IS OK if i boot with VGA. Video card work good, 1920x1080, 3d acceleration ecc.. (tested with games) So now i need to fix my OSX for work with DVI->HDMI cable. When i start with this, after the Logo, my monitor "shutdown", pc continue to load no KP. I tested to expell DVD with mac keyboard and work.. so i know is not Kernel panic (only display stop to work). I tested with many option. Used NVEnable64 Used Dsdt patch manualy Used EFI string in bootloader (chameleon) removed ofc GraphicsEnabler Set manualy value in NVDANV50HAL and other files... Nvidia card is "recognize" correct in System Info (but OS X work only when i use VGA cable). What i can do for use DVI-> HDMI cable in both monitor? (i don't care about HDMI audio. i don't need audio in HDMI. I need only graphics). Any suggest and help is welcome. Thank you
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