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  1. You need a boot loader like clover to boot for usb for hackintosh.
  2. sep8001

    Clover Help

    What method did you use to install osx? If USB and still have the USB handy try using this to boot.
  3. Hi Thanks, it is set to boot ahci, need to check bios but when I installed clover I did select uefi. Will check the other bits and post back. Thanks for the suggestions.
  4. Feels good when it works, well done.
  5. As above try hd5450 or gt210./I have both and gt210 working without any kext. All I had to do was inject nvdia in clover to run both 10.10 and 10.11.
  6. Hi? Thanks for your time. I have managed to get it to sleep with the attached amended dsdt, just hd issue and iMessage. All files are uploaded below. ? Thank you for your help. ? ? HP8200.zip
  7. Hi Thanks for the reply. The PC has a usb 2 and I am smbios 14.1. Any pointers how to fix the dsdt. Thanks
  8. Sorry sleep still not working, worked once but broken again. I get error?Wake reason: BR20
  9. Update Just rebooted the machine today and sleep seem to be working with out any changes. Just need help sorting out trim and iMessages. Thanks
  10. Hi? ? I have a HP8200 with GT210 which was running 10.10.4 fine without any issues. I upgraded to 10.11 via the upgrade option as I use Clover and now have the following two issues: ? 1. When I try and check if Trim is enabled under system prefs I get a message as: There was an error while scanning for Serial-ATA devices. 2. When I put the PC to sleep it wakes up by itself after a minute or two, the message I get is: Wake Reason: BR20 GBE1 EUSB. ? I am not using a?DSDT.aml?as it was working fine on 10.10.4 without one. Any pointers on how I could resolve the above two issues. ? Thank you
  11. Not tried it on 10.5, but always worth having a full back up of your current system if it does not work and you have to restore? Also did you change the kexts or are you using clover/dsdt to get it to work. If kext then yes it will stop working until you amend the kexts.
  12. Is there some sort of power save on the bios which may be shutting it down completely when not in use?
  13. Hi Have you changed anything after which the issue started?
  14. All sorted, using clover and osx 10.10. It seems to be working fine. Thanks
  15. Hi Any pointers as to what steps you took to install osx on your machine. Thanks
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