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  1. With EasyBSD currently installed (it uses Chameleon 2.0 as bootloader) the first screen on start-up is Windows-like boot menu where I can choose Windows or Mac OS. I choose Mac OS, after this Chameleon screen appears. On this screen my 4-th exFat partition is trying to boot by default, so I press F8 and switch boot partition to Lion. After I press Enter the screen becomes black and PC silently restarts (immediately). I also tried to install Chimera 1.9.2 to Lion partition, but it doesn't change start-up scenario. PS: Before Windows was installed when I tried to boot, the error was "boot0: failed/error" (don't remember exactly) with about 5-8 "boot0: GPT unknown" messages in console
  2. I can't make HDD to boot Lion after installation from USB flash. In details: - Lion 10.7, assembled by myHack 2.2 - Motherboard: Gigabyte H67A-D3H-B3 - HDD partitioned as GUID: 1-st - Lion, 2-nd - Lion backup, 3 - NTFS with Win7, 4 - exFat (I installed Lion first, then windows) - When I boot from USB and choose Lion in boot options, all goes fine - Lion didn't boot from HDD (when windows was not installed) - I tried bootloader from MB{censored} 4.5.1, standalone Chimera 1.9.2 - boot failed in any case with console log "boot0: error" - Windows boots fine after its installation - I installed EasyBSD into Windows (it uses Chimera 2.0 as bootloader), added MacOS to boot options - Lion doesn't boot: on restart I choose MacOS in boot options, then select Lion, PC restarts So, at this moment I can boot Windows without problems, and Lion is bootable only through myHack USB flash. How to fix boot?
  3. The installation gone fine but on first launch of installed Lion the screen becomes black (backlight is on, but whole screen is black). As I can detect from HDD indicator, system is running: when I press space or enter the indicator blinks - so looks like start-up dialog is running. During installation and post-install launch I set flags "GraphicsEnabler=no PCIRootUID=0 PciRoot=0", otherwise (in case of GraphicsEnabler=yes) launch process stucks on GeForce 525m initialization. I'm not expert in hackintosh, so I followed guide from here: HCL 10.7.2/Portables - OSx86 (Vostro 3550 section - it's the same as 3750). Except I didn't found <important: uncheck everything and use "totally fix still waiting" , "macbook8.x" kexts from customize>. So at this moment the problem is with black screen. But if there is working method (with good description) would be thankful for link to it.
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