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  1. Version 1.0


    Requirements: Yosemite install app from apple store 1. Partition drive, GUID table, HFS+J 2. Create installer using OSX Yosemite chameleon and select your <installer> drive as target and following: installer > chameleon 2.3snv-r2510 driver kext > audio > voodooHDA driver kext > autres-misc > laptop ps2, laptop batterie, usb3.0 fakesmc > fakesmc 3. Hit Install 4. Using Kext wizard install ACPM.kext to <installer>/S/L/E 5. Copy whole Extra folder and replace the one on your <installer> drive 6. Using Chameleon wizard generate your own SMBios file (MPB8.3 is recommended) and save it to <installer>/Extra folder 7. Boot from your installer drive using -v -f option 8. Install yosemite 9. Boot to your previous OSX installation and run the OSX Yosemite chameleon again and now select your new Yosemite OS as target and this: post installer > chameleon 2.3snv-r2510 driver kext > audio > voodooHDA driver kext > autres-misc > laptop ps2, laptop batterie, usb3.0 fakesmc > fakesmc 10. Copy whole Extra folder from <installer> and replace the one on your <Yosemite OS> drive 11. Using Kext wizard install ACPM.kext and ALXEthernet.kext to <Yosemite OS>/S/L/E 12. Boot from your Yosemite OS using -v -f 13. Using Kext wizard repair permissions and rebuild cache. 14. Reboot. No flags needed anymore Enjoy PS: In case of kernel panic (CPU) install NullCPM but it should be ok. Attached ACPM is patched. Working: everything but see below. Not working: stock wifi module > use compatible one, sleep not tested (i don't use it), imessage (NVram still not patched).
  2. waiting for Yosemite to be officially released. With current beta5 i needed to replace and remove some kext to be able to boot. No QE/CI so far. Looks like a bug in apple driver. I am not going to upload my current settings. No point when release is about to happen in few days.?
  3. Added Voodoo.kext and AICPUPM.kext to enable audio and CPUPM. Don't forget to remove NullCPUPM.kext if you have installed it before.?
  4. 1. The string is for LAN not for graphics. This should fix the iMessage error. Graphics is defined in chameleon 2. PM not yet tested. I will update my findings when i will do. 3. Yes because Yosemite is extracting kernel during boot and current version of chameleon is not able to load it from package so it must be extracted manually and placed in root just like in Maverick with the same name.?
  5. Version 2.0


    All files needed to install and run Yosemite on Lenovo G780. Credits to all developers. This is just a package with required files. You need working mac or hackintosh to create installer etc, Yosemite installer app and zip file you will download here. 1. Create installer using this guide http://www.osx86.net/files/file/4075-boot-usb-os-x-yosemite-chameleonpkg/ (tool is included) 2. Copy and overwrite all kexts from zip file to /S/L/E on your installer drive 3. Replace Extra folder from zip to your installer drive 4. Boot from installer with -f -v option. (screen may appear broken for 1-2 minutes but wait it will continue) and install to your Yosemite drive 5. Boot to your hackintosh and install chameleon 10.10 to your Yosemite drive (installer included) 6. Copy and overwrite all kexts from zip file to you Yosemite /S/L/E (using kext wizard) 7. Copy and overwrite Extra folder from zip to you Yosemite drive 8. Enjoy Whats not working: wifi (stock module) Whats working: LAN, Brightness, Keyboard, Touchpad, Audio, Speedstep
  6. Please try creating fresh installer with latest MyHack and use DSDT file only.? This should work ? Or you can try just create fresh installer and do not copy anything, remove NV* and intel HD drivers. This must work.?
  7. and what OSX are you trying to install? Try to skip the step with copying extra folder to your /S/L/E folder. Leave it clean. Boot with proper flags -v -x USBLegacy=Off Any chance you can get a log from installer? This would tell us the problem.?
  8. @mondi - there is no kext for the SD card reader. Also there is no way to activate nvidia card so thats why vga and hdmi will not work.? ? @horscht - Where and when the error appears? Try reformating the target drive and check all settings for the disk.?
  9. Hi, ? For the BT i actualy replaced the stock wifi/BT card for the one without BT to have wifi working (patched bios with disabled wifi blacklist). So i don't have BT anymore.? I never tested the mic-in jack. I always used integrated mic so i can't help you with that. Only advice is to go and try different kext The same for card reader. I do not use it. So i never tryed to find a working kext. It was piece of hell just to make work all the basic components
  10. To enable speedstep and turboboost: ? 1.Download and install?http://www.osx86.net/files/file/197-appleintelcpupowermanagement-kext-10-9-dp1/ 2.Remove NullCpuPowerManagement.kext from /Extra/Extensions/ (if you have it there) and from /S/L/E 3.Remove myhack.kext from /S/L/E 4. Using Chameleon wizard set your smbios to MacBook Pro 8.3 5. Rebuild cache 6. Restart ? If you want to check if the speedstep/turboboost is working install fakeSMC with HW monitor.?
  11. Tested with 10.9 Golden Master. No Problems
  12. no sure. My update to 10.8.5 went fine without touchpad issues.?
  13. Version 1.0


    All kexts and files needed to proper install and boot G780 with ivy bridge i7 (only for 17" 1600x900 - patched dsdt with dual link). Maybe will work for 15" too. Who knows.... Pre-install: update to latest bios 5ECN96WW, disable nvidia in bios (or you need to delete all NV* kexts from /S/L/E), Disable UEFI, select everything whats possible to Legacy mode 1. Create installer with myhack 3.2 beta 8 2. replace the Extra folder with this one. 3. Install all kexts from /Extra/Extensions to /S/L/E using kext wizard (yes you will have them duplicated but thats ok). Repair permissions and rebuild cache 4. Connect USB to port located on right side where the optical drive is. 5. No boot options needed (-f = if you did not rebuild the cache). Full resolution with QE/CI installer will appear. Install Mac OS 6. Reboot, boot from installer, selected installed disk and use "-x -f USBLegacyOff=Yes" 7. Copy Extra folder from installdisk to installed ML 8. install all kexts from /Extra/Extensions to /S/L/E and delete the /Extra/Extensions folder. Repair permissions, rebuild cache. 9. Boot and enjoy. Update to 10.8.5: Use Combo update, rollback AppleACPIPlatform from this file Not working: Wifi, FN Brightness, Nvidia, touchpad after wakeup PS: In case you don't have QE/CL try different efi string injection for the HD4000. If the USB disk wont appear in boot menu restart using CTRL+ALT+DEL. This laptop does POST boot so fast that my USB HDD won't make it at first time after turning on using power button.
  14. Version 1.0


    Complete /Extra folder with patched DSDT with Dual link support (1600x900), SSDT, SMBIOS and org.chameleon.boot.plist. DSDT extracted from latest bios 5ECN96WW Of course additional kexts are needed to proper boot (AppleACPIPlatform etc.) otherwise only safe mode works.
  15. First thanks for your reply. I figured it out now. Simplest way is often the working one Ok here is what i did to make my Gigabyte GTX570OC finaly working in 10.7.2 (11C74) Personaly i do not like other distributions (modified) of OSX just pure apple releases to install my mac. (you can't know what dirvers or other stuff are in there and they can make troubles) If you got your Mac running even in standart resolution mode you can make your purchase from apple store worth it. Make sure it is the latest 11C74 build. For the sake of information i have to say that NON of the 570 drivers at osx86.net site did work for me in any combinations. Always KP or basic resolution and i tried everything! 1. Using U{censored} create your own installation from your apple store Lion purchase (there is an option in U{censored} to do that). Follow the instructions on {censored} site. Use usb stick or usb disk (disk is much more faster) 2. Boot from USB, select lion installation partition and install Mac OS X. There are no options so just install it. reboot from usb but now select your Lion partition. 3. Install MB{censored} 4.2.0. Select just easybeast, system utilities, and stuff for your mobo (in your case just jmicron) and set your system definition to iMac 12.2 (not neccessary but it worked for me). Nothing else. Do not install OpenCL 10.7.2 driver! 4. Reboot 5. Edit NVDAGF100Hal.kext and plist within using terminal not the finder. Coz finder wont display the package content properly. Dunno why. Add you card ID there. Save it, repair extensions using kext utility and reboot. "sudo nano /System/Library/Extensions/NVDAGF100Hal.kext/Contents/Info.plist" is the command. 6. You should now boot to your screen native resolution. (if not you don't need to continue in this tutorial coz it doesnt work) 7. Install the AGPM for 570/580 using kext wizzard 8. repair permissions and you should be good to go. This is how it worked for me. No aditional drivers. Just simple edit plist and overwrite old AGPM. Hope it helps PS: Played portal2 on max details for 2 hours, then 3 hours of surfing net without KP.
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