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  1. Thanks for your answer! Yeah, I have installed the latest voodooHDA, (2.7.2?) but there is still no change in the volume. I tried manycam, on the sources tab, it shows my camera, but when I click on it, there is a grey circle to the right, but if I select desktop, it is still grey, and no video shows on the preview box. I guess I could use SoundFlower if I can stop the crackling/cuts but it is obviously not the best route to take! Thanks again!
  2. Hey guys! I am running Snow Leopard 10.6.4 (Dual boot with 7) and I have run into 3, easy to fix, problems: 1) My sound works, but (I know this is a VERY common problem) when I try to change the volume, nothing changes, as well as the mute does not work, I have attempted about 5 kexts that I have found, but none of them work. I have also tried soundflower, but after 5 minutes using it, it just gets crackly and cuts out. 2) I'm not really sure about this one, I have a microphone (Internal) that when I go to system preferences > Speech > Configure, I have put the slider on "High" but when I hit my microphone, it just gets to the first green bar. 3) And finally, my webcam. I have searched this (as well as all the others ^^ ) on the forum, and I saw someone got it working, but didn't say how, and I was wondering whether anyone else can help me, it is a HP Webcam 101. When I go on device manager in 7, it displays my sound card as "IDT High Definition Audio Device" not any indication to the exact model. I would like to thank any help in advance and have a very Merry Christmas! :cool:
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