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  1. I own a Mac and own all the software. I just am stuck when trying to get it to boot up.
  2. Thank you for the Guides. I tried the Lion method, but I am unable to get past the boot screen as it will infinitely load when trying to load up the lion installation. Any questions on what to do here?
  3. I have the following parts listed: Motherboard: ASRock Extreme3 Gen3 Intel LGA 1555 CPU: Intel i5 3.1GHz - 2400 Sandy Bridge RAM: 2 x 4GB Corsair Vengeance 1333MHz GPU: Intel HD 2000/3000 HDD: Seagate 250 GB 3GB/s Realtek HD Audio onboard sound I need a guide on what to do to get my computer running either version of Mac OS X. Please and Thank You, MacHackSt0r
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